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In this page, you will find prices of laptops in Nigeria. Prices of different Laptop brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, and so on will be listed. This is aimed at providing you with an idea of price when buying a laptop in Nigeria.

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Prices of laptop computers depend largely on build quality, sleekness , processing power, RAM capacity, hard disk capacity, Operating system, optical storage type, and display type and size. Features that can also add to the price of a laptop computer include Webcam, Bluetooth, WLAN (Wi-Fi), Touchscreen, Finger print reader, card reader, microphone, and so on.

Prices of laptops listed here do not include the specs. Only the model number and prices are provided. However, it is important to note that laptops of the same models can vary in specs and as a result, prices may vary. The higher the spec the more the laptop is likely to cost.

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Prices are based on price list from different sources, ignoring specs. Price range is provided if we observe a model with different price from different sources, still ignoring the spec. Note that prices of laptops may also vary depending on your location in Nigeria. Prices are for brand new laptop computers only. Note that prices may change without being reflected on this page.

Prices HP Laptops

  • HP 2000 Laptop: 70,000 NGN – 85,000 NGN
  • HP 250 G1 Business Laptop: N75,000 – N95,000
  • HP Pavilion 17 Laptop (17-inch screen): N171,000
  • HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14 Slim Laptop: N110,000 – N130,000
  • HP 650 Laptop: 65,000 - 95,000 Naira
  • HP Probook 6470B Laptop: 97,000 - 160,000 Naira
  • HP Probook 6460B Laptop: 99,000 - 150,000 Naira
  • HP Compaq CQ58-300 Series Laptop: 75,000 – 105,000 Naira
  • HP Pavilion g6-2300 Series Laptop: N75,000 - N120,000
  • All HP Laptops
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Prices Dell Laptops

  • Dell Inspiron 6821 Laptop: 69,000 - 95,000 Naira
  • Dell XPS 15 Ultrabook: N320,000 - N400,000
  • Dell Latitude E5430 Laptop: N131,000 - N155,000
  • Dell Inspiron 5050 Laptop: N75,000 – N110,000
  • All Dell Laptops

Prices Lenovo Laptops

  • Lenovo ThinkPad E530c Laptop: 72,300 - 110,000 NGN
  • Lenovo G400 Laptop: N70,000 - N90,000
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Ultrabook: N154,900
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T430: 150,000 - 200,000 NGN
  • All Lenovo Laptops

Prices Toshiba Laptops

  • Toshiba Satellite C850 Series: 63,000 NGN – N90,000
  • Toshiba Satellite U945 Laptop: N87,000 – N100,000
  • Toshiba Satellite L55 Laptop: N109,000 - N180,000
  • All Toshiba Laptops

Prices Samsung Laptops

  • Samsung Ativ Book 2 NP270 Laptop: 78,000 - 95,000 NGN
  • Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite Ultrabook: N137,000 - N250,000
  • Samsung Ativ Book 5 Laptop: N155,000
  • All Samsung Laptops
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Note that prices of laptops may change without being reflected on this page.

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