Power Tariff & Cost Ikeja Distribution Company Lagos 2012

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Like you know a new power tariff came to effect on June 1, 2012. The new tariff is not uniform. It depends on where you live and the category of consumer you are. For example a consumer in Lagos will pay a different rate from a consumer in Yola even if they consumed the same amount of Power. In this page you will find the cost of power if you live in Lagos under the Ikeja distribution company of the PHCN.

Power Tariff Calculator

Note that the figure listed here is valid till May 31, 2013. Each year the tariff will increase. So, expect another another tariff increase on June 1, 2013.
Tariff ClassEnergy Unit Cost (N/KWH)Fixed Charge (N/Month)
Residential R14.00N/A
Residential R212.45500
Residential R321.8417,513
Residential R421.84109,449
Commercial C116.56500
Commercial C220.3015,876
Commercial C320.3099,224
Industrial D116.38500
Industrial D221.2897,626
Industrial D321.2899,224
Special A115.68500
Special A215.6835,938
Special A315.6843,750
Street Lighting S112.04500

2012 Power Tariff

Here are the electricity tariff for other states in Nigeria.
New Power Tariff Nigeria

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