Lontor LED Rechargeable Lamp Review - Features Price Specs

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Lontor CTL-DT725 is a handy multi-purpose LED Rechargeable Lamp for lighting your home in the dark, reading, or for camping. It offers 6 hours on full brightness and up to 12 hours on half brightness (recommended brightness for reading). Here are a rundown of the specs.

Lontor LED Rechargeable Lamp

Lontor LED Rechargeable Lamp Specs

  • 30 white LED bulbs
  • 3 multi-colour LED bulbs
  • Charging LED indicator
  • 3 light modes (full brightness, half brightness, disco light)
  • 4 way rotary switch
  • 3v, 3000mAH rechargeable lead acid battery
  • 15 to 20 hours charge time
  • up to 12 hours on half brightness
  • up to 6 hours on full brightness
  • up to 60 hours on disco lights
  • Applications: Camping, Reading, Space Illumination, Emergency lighting
  • Price: N1,200 - N1,700


The Lontor LED Rechargeable Lamp is a great multi-purpose lamp, perhaps the best we have seen. Yes it could have been much better with replaceable battery and lighting elements, but its low cost, long battery time, and battery longevity more than makes up for it.

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