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How to Download Spotify Premium App 8.4 Latest Versions

Spotify Premium
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Looking for how to download Spotify Premium app for free?

Well, if yes then you have landed on the right place because in this article I am going to explain a lot more about Spotify Premium apk. We will also be sharing how to Spotify Premium apk free on your android phone.

Let’s start.

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What is Spotify

Spotify is an online music streaming application that allows people from all over the world to share and listen music, songs, and podcasts.

Spotify is not only available for Android but also available for other platforms like Windows and iOS.

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It is an online platform where you will get billion of songs shared by different artist from different countries in different languages

The most important part that I like the most is that you will get songs not only in your language but many other languages too.

Spotify comes in two version free and paid. The only difference between free and paid is the features. In free version you will be able to access and listen to songs online and in paid version you will get some extra features which we will be discussing in this article.

Why install Spotify?

I know some of you might be wondering what’s so special about this application?

What makes this application different from other similar applications?

To answer this question, I would like to ask a question of my own:

As a music lover what do you expect from an online music streaming platform?

I am sure that most of you will pick the quality of the songs, looks of the interface and many more things you consider important.

Spotify Premium apk provides all the features that you are looking for but the one I like the most is the quality of the songs.

It has an awesome sound quality compared to other music streaming applications in both version free and premium. High the quality is better in the premium version.

Features of Spotify

In this section we are going to discuss all the awesome features of Spotify.

Spotify Subscription

As you can see above Spotify apk is available in two version, free and premium. In the free version you do not have to pay but if you are going for Spotify premium version you have to pay 9.99 EUR/month.

Here are some of the features you get:

Shuffle Play

If you are using the free version of Spotify, you will only be able to play songs online of any artist or any albums. If you want some extra features, you will have to subscribe to Spotify premium which is available on monthly basis.

You will be able to access the good quality sound in both versions, but Spotify Premium apk provides better music quality than free version.

So, if you are not satisfied with the free version of Spotify then you can upgrade it by monthly subscription to Spotify Premium apk.

Ad Free

Like other applications if you are using the free version of Spotify, you may have to suffer through many audio & video ads but if you have the premium subscription of Spotify, you do not need to worry about ads.

Spotify Premium will allow you enjoy all your songs without any interruption.

Unlimited Skip

Unlimited skip means it will allow you to skip a song halfway through if you don’t like the songs.

In simple terms, you can change songs without listening to the end of the song.

Listen Offline

Sometimes we don’t have internet connection to play songs online so Spotify Premium apk provides a feature that enable you download songs to play later offline.

High Quality Sound

This is one of the best features of this application which distinguishes it from similar online music streaming applications.

However, this feature is only available on premium subscription of Spotify.

Although, if you are not able to get the Premium subscription of Spotify the free version, also provides good quality sound, just not the same quality.

Save Storage Space

While playing songs online on your device, it will not take any space on your device because it directly access and play songs on your device from its own server.

It will occupy storage space on your device only if you are downloading the songs from the Spotify premium apk.

No Root

There is no need for rooting the device to use this application because it runs on non-rooted smartphones too.

Some of you may not know what phone rooting means. So, we will explain. Phone rooting is a process that makes it possible to access all the system files of the device, which are not permitted by default by the device manufacturer.

Spotify Premium apk 8.4 Latest Version Details

App Name Spotify Premium
Last update April, 2018
Total installs 120,327,910+
App version 8.4 (latest)
App size 35 MB
Requires android 4.1+
Developer Spotify Ltd.
Ratings Rated for 12+

Uninstall Spotify Older Version

Already if you have installed Spotify on your android device then it’s time to get rid of it before we proceed for installing the Spotify premium apk 8.4 latest version because it may come in your way while installing Spotify premium apk.

Those who have not installed spotify on their device, they can proceed further to install the latest version spotify.

How to Download install Spotify Premium apk in Android?

Now that you know a lot more about the Spotify music streaming app, you may want to download and install it on your device.

Here I am going to help you the install latest version of Spotify step-by-step.

Before we proceed further make sure you have uninstalled the older version of Spotify otherwise it might create a problem while installing the latest one.

Now let’s begin.

Step: 1 Download Spotify application for android from here.

Step: 2 Go to your Phone Setting select Security and tap on it.

Android Settings Menu                      

Step: 3 Under the Security option you will see Unknown sources option, tap on it to enable for installing the outer applications on your device. While tap on unknown sources, one box will appear click on OK.

Settings, Security, Unknown Sources                          

Box appeared, click on OK.

Android Settings and Security                      

Step: 4 In this step you just have to open the downloaded application and to complete the installation all you have to do is to follow the onscreen instruction and the app will be installed.

Remember: Once the application is completely installed don’t forget to disable the unknown resource to make your device protected from malicious applications.


Let’s wrap up,

I am sure that you learnt a lot about the Spotify Premium apk. On Spotify, you can stream songs and podcast online with access to billions of songs uploaded from different countries in different language.

Spotify is available in two version, free and spotify premium.

Free version has some limited features compare to Spotify premium apk but if you are not satisfied with the free version features then you can take the Spotify premium subscription which is available on monthly basis.

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Paschal Okafor is NaijaTechGuide Team Lead. The article How to Download Spotify Premium App 8.4 Latest Versions was written by NaijaTechGuide Team. The article was last modified: October 10th, 2018

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