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AlertPay Withdrawing from e-wallet and account

AlertPay opens the door to a lot of opportunities on the internet. You can accept AlertPay as a means of payment for your goods and services. You can also receive money from friends and family via AlertPay once you have an email address, whether or not you have an AlertPay account. After receiving funds via AlertPay the next logical question is how do you withdraw your funds? AlertPay offers a number of ways of withdrawing funds from your e-wallet. You can withdraw from your AlertPay account directly or use the services of independent e-currency exchangers. Here we will discuss...

AlertPay Funding e-wallet Deposit funds

After opening an AlertPay account, the next step is probably funding it. Sometimes you may be invited to open an AlertPay account if someone sends money to your email via AlertPay even when you do not have an account already. In such a situation your next step after opening an account will be to withdraw the fund from your e-wallet. AlertPay offers a number of ways for funding or withdrawing funds from your e-wallet. You can fund or withdraw from your AlertPay account directly or use the services of independent e-currency exchangers. Here we will discuss ways of funding...

Benefits of AlertPay to Merchants for businesses

AlertPay is an electronic payment service that enables account holders to send and receive payments over the internet. AlertPay offers a great payment solution for merchants. Your customers can easily pay for goods and services at your online store, website, even email with credit/debit card or with their AlertPay e-wallet. In addition, AlertPay has members in over 190 countries giving you access to a global market. Selling online via AlertPay is as simple as opening an AlertPay Personal Pro or AlertPay business accounts. Once you open any of these two AlertPay account, you can start selling with AlertPay immediately. Here...

AlertPay Instant e-payment Overview

AlertPay is an electronic payment service that enables account holders to easily make and receive payments on the internet. AlertPay is a direct competitor to PayPal. AlertPay and PayPal offer very similar services. The only difference between the two is that while PayPal have refused to accept accounts from Nigeria, AlertPay accepts Nigerian accounts. PayPal also seems to be more popular and has been in the business much longer. However, AlertPay is gradually gaining in popularly and currently boasts of over five million account holders. So if you are looking for an easy and secure way of making and...

Benefits of Liberty Reserve to Merchants

Liberty Reserve is an e-currency for easily making and receiving payments for goods and services over the internet. If you are planning selling stuff online, Liberty Reserve is one of the payment solutions worth considering. Liberty Reserve is one of a few payment solutions available to people with no access to credit/debit cards. Payment is instant and irreversible reducing cost for merchants. Merchants that allow the use of Liberty Reserve as a means of payment for products and services on their website enable millions of internet users without credit/debit cards to shop online. Receiving payments online via Liberty Reserve is as...

Buy Sell Liberty Reserve LR e-currency exchangers

Liberty Reserve is an e-currency for easily making and receiving payments for goods and services over the internet. Once you open your Liberty Reserve account, the next step is funding it. Liberty Reserve SA does not sell the LR e-currency directly; rather you fund your account by buying the e-currency from other LR account holders or funding through an independent Liberty Reserve exchange provider. Here we will provide information about some Nigerian based Liberty Reserve exchange providers. We will focus on Liberty Reserve exchangers who are members of the Global Digital Currency Association (GDCA) and those recognised at the...

Liberty Reserve e-payment System Overview

Liberty Reserve is an electronic payment system that enables account holders to make secure payments on the internet using value stored in their account. Currently value stored in a Liberty Reserve account can be in US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), and Gold gram (gg). Liberty Reserve is an e-currency that allows instant payment. It allows account holders to easily send and receive money online no matter their location or distance apart. Since, Liberty Reserve also stores value in gold, it is also a Digital Gold Currency. Open a free Liberty Reserve account To understand Liberty Reserve, look at it as...

eTranzact Yuletide Promo – discounts for Genesis cardholders

eTranzact International PLC has announced the commencement of its Yuletide promotion for both existing and new cardholders. The promo tagged Genesis Yuletide Promo is offering cardholders discount services in over 1,000 shops across the country via the use of their eTranzact Genesis Card; cardholders also stand a chance to win 20 High-Tech Blackberry or Nokia phones and other unique instant items. Speaking about the promotion, Mr. Adeyemi Opene, Brand Manager of eTranzact said, "In the spirit of Christmas, eTranzact would like to share the joy of the season with our cardholders by offering over 20% - 25% discount in over...
Mobile Money

eTranzact M-Teller Mobile Money e-wallet now PocketMoni

eTranzact is one of the companies that got CBN Approval to offer mobile money services in Nigeria. The new mobile money service now called PocketMoni was formally called M-Teller Mobile Money. Here we will provide our thoughts about the new mobile money e-wallet service and how it may work based on information already released by eTranzact and operation of mobile money services in other countries especially Kenya. eTrazact has launched the mobile money service as PocketMoni Mobile Money, you can follow the link to read more about the service. According eTranzact, M-Teller service is a mobile money service designed to provide...
Online Flight Booking and Airline Booking

Online Flight Booking – Book Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Services rendered online are easier and more convenient to access. Most Nigerian airlines now offer online platforms that enable travelers conveniently handle Airline Booking and other Flight Booking services online. The Online flight booking platforms vary in the features they offer. While some offer just basic flight booking, others go beyond that allowing for online booking and online rescheduling of flights as well as e-payment, e-ticketing, and online check-in. Are you looking for the Best Flight Deals of Today? Click Here Leading Nigerian airlines like Arik Air, Aero Air, Air Peace, Med-View Airline, FirstNation airways, and Dana Air all offer some level...