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Full Gaming Console and PC Gaming Specifications, Prices, and Reviews. In this section you will find online stores where you can buy Game Consoles like the Sony PS4 and the XBox One. As consoles are nothing without the Games, you will also find information about Game Titles.

We will not only cover Gaming Consoles like the XBox One and PlayStation 4 in this section, PC Gaming will also be covered as well as portable gaming machines like the PlayStation Vita.

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Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Microsoft Xbox Video games console Overview new...

Microsoft has announced new low prices for the latest editions of its Xbox 360 Elite 120GB video games console. Xbox 360 Elite now goes for 299 USD. Xbox 360 Elite is a great video gaming console offering astounding graphics and digital entertainment features. Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120GB features advanced 3D graphics, HD video, DVD movie playback, built-in Ethernet, online community, and a large number of exclusive games.Where to Buy Microsoft Game ConsoleJumia.com.ng₦79,000.00 View Offer Konga.com₦59,000.00 View Offer Microsoft Xbox 360 offers the best HD games selection of all the major gaming consoles, although the Sony PS3 is fast catching up....

Sony PS3 Slim 160GB Console & Video Games Price & Specs

Sony has a slim line in its PS3 video games console family. The Sony PS3 Slim 160GB is cheaper, lighter, slimmer, and more energy efficient than fat editions of the PS3. Sony PS3 160GB offer most of the features of fat line: Blu-ray player, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in Bluetooth, motion sensitive controllers, HD gaming experience, and so on. As the name implies the Sony PS3 160GB features an upgradeable 160GB 2.5-inch serial ATA HDD for your video, games, movies, music, and photos. You also get a free membership of PlayStation Network when you buy a Sony PS3 Slim 160GB.Where to...

Online Games Downloads at Amazon buy PC and Video games

You can now download games at the Amazon online store. Amazon games download store currently contains about 700 exciting games. Games at the store are priced at 6.99 USD or less. At Amazon games downloads store, you can try out games for a free 30 minutes trial period before you buy. Visit Amazon games download store, download games to your PC and start playing instantly. At Amazon games downloads store, you can buy dozens of latest PC and video games titles, some of the hottest gaming titles currently available for download include: Gardenscapes Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox Princess Isabella:...

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120GB 250GB Xbox 360 60GB games console...

Microsoft Xbox 360 is the latest generation of Microsoft high definition games console. Xbox 360; available in Xbox 360 Elite 250GB, Xbox 360 Elite 120GB, Xbox 360 Pro 60GB, and Xbox Arcade models; offers you the greatest selections of HD games of all major gaming consoles. Microsoft Xbox 360 comes with features like Ethernet, wireless controller, USB, Infrared, and so on.Where to Buy Microsoft Game ConsoleJumia.com.ng₦79,000.00 View Offer Konga.com₦59,000.00 View Offer Microsoft Xbox 360 is currently available in Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a 120GB or 250GB hard drive editions. Xbox 360 Pro is the 60GB model of Xbox. Xbox...

Sony PSP Games Console Review

Sony PlayStation Portable PSP as the name implies is a portable gaming console. Sony PSP is a sleek handheld gaming console offering impressive graphics and numerous exciting games. Sony PSP comes with TV output and a built-in Skype as well as great media capability. Read about the new Sony PlayStation Vita.Where to Buy Sony Game ConsolesJumia.com.ngfrom ₦24,000.00 View Offer Konga.comfrom ₦35,000.00 View Offer One great PSP console, PSP 3000 comes with 4.3-inch TFT 16 million-colour widescreen display, providing better colours than older models. Other PSP consoles to consider include the Sony PSP E1000 and the PSP Go. Sony PSP has a built-in...

Online games free Gaming Sites shooting action arcade games

There are now exciting games that you can play free online. All you need to play computer games online is a computer and an internet connection. You may also need specialised online gaming consoles like Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. You may also need support for flash and ActiveX on your system. To play computer games with your PC or Mac, you will need to turn on JavaScript. Here you will find some free online gaming sites; more online gaming websites will be included in future. Visit Amazon online games download store, start PC gaming, free 30...

Nintendo Wii Price Games Console Review Specs

Nintendo Wii is a games console that focuses on fun gaming. While other major competing gaming platforms like Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite boast about their impressive processing and graphical capability, Nintendo Wii focuses on delivering fun to play games with a great user experience. Nintendo Wii comes with an impressive motion-sensitive wireless controller, USB, Wi-Fi, online gaming, and so on.Where to Buy Game ConsolesJumia.com.ngfrom ₦8,999.00 View Offer Konga.comfrom ₦15,000.00 View Offer The great edge of Nintendo Wii is its fun to play games helped by an impressive motion sensitive wireless controller (Wii Remote). Nintendo Wii’s wireless controller makes...

Sony PS3 Specs & Prices of PlayStation 3 games consoles

Sony PS3 is the latest generation of games console from Sony with an easy to use interface, futuristic design and support for high definition entertainment. Sony PlayStation 3 comes with features like high-definition HD games, HDMI, built-in Sony Blu-Ray player, built-in Wi-Fi, free online gaming service, Bluetooth, and so on. The latest addition to the Sony PS3 family is cheaper and offers up to 500GB storage. Checkout the Sony PlayStation Vita.Where to Buy Sony Game ConsolesJumia.com.ngfrom ₦24,000.00 View Offer Konga.comfrom ₦35,000.00 View Offer Sony PS3 is not just a games console but also a great home entertainment centre. Sony PS3 features...