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Hacker anonymous using smartphone on the street at night

5 Best Hacking Apps for Games

Are you tired of playing games and losing or better yet, you constantly receive annoying advertisements, well we got a secret recipe for you. If you do not have enough time just download it now and start unlimited game modification. Nowadays, almost every app that gets developed comes with adverts that take the fun away from the game. With this trend, users have felt the urge to quit playing games and others choosing to play games on pro version where they pay a small price so long as they don’t get bothered with ads. Well, below we have sort out some...
MyTherapy Mobile App

Don’t take a Vacation from your Medication: An app for a...

Recent statistics indicate that there are 20.5 million smartphone users in Nigeria – a number that is expected to reach 23.3 million come 2019. App developers worldwide have taken advantage of this trend, designing apps that range from fun and entertaining to useful and practical. Useful and practical apps come in many forms and users can find anything from ‘train your brain’ exercises to learning new languages. Furthermore, health-related apps, such as those helping users stay fit or lose weight, have become a prominent feature in app stores, and it is estimated that there are currently around 260 000...
Talking Santa for your iPhone this Christmas

Download Talking Santa for your iPhone this Christmas

This Talking series has been awesome as always! Previously, the 'Talking Tom Cat' has grown greatly popular among the kids, and now, with the kids' demands in mind and the Christmas nearby, The Ravenel Agency has come up with a new idea of bringing the all-time children's favorite Santa Claus live! The 'Talking Santa' is a must-have app for parents who are planning to avoid the hustle bustle of the mall during the holidays. With the Christmas knocking at the door, this highly anticipated Black Santa Video call app is getting immensely popular among the kids. The Black Santa app, released...
5 Great Apps and Devices for Musicians

Discover The Top 5 Mom Apps

In a busy world, moms can use a helping hand every now and then when it comes to caring for little ones. Luckily, this help can normally be found in her pocket or purse thanks to smart phone apps that are made for moms with a busy schedule. Tips for potty training or medical advice are now right in the palm of your hand. The folks at Terracom Wireless put together their top 5 favorite mom apps that do a great job of making life a little easier. 1. Kid Care If you want to find out whether a cough should make you...
Comparison Between 9apps and Vidmate app

Comparison Between 9apps and Vidmate App

In this article, we will be talking about a couple of apps that act as a search engine for different applications, videos, and many others. The two apps that we are going to talk about is 9apps and Vidmate. We will also talk about their top-notch features besides giving a brief introduction to both the application. First let us find out what these apps are all about. What is 9Apps?: It is a tool that allows you to download any of the premium apps for free, premium wallpapers, ringtones, songs, videos, and much more. In Short, 9apps is a go-to place for everything you...
The Best Uses Of Cell Phone Tracking App You Should Know

Best Uses Of Cell Phone Tracking App You Should Know

A mobile phone tracking app is certainly not rocket science or science fiction anymore. It is all real, legal, and quite affordable as well. Monitoring apps can be installed easily and is quite easy to operate. You can use spy apps on cell phones to monitor and track the activities of your kids or your loved ones on their phone and their real-time location. It definitely helps keep people safe and secure and also helps in safeguarding the phone in times of theft. Cell phone tracking apps come with features such as GPS tracking that makes it easier to keep a...
Increase Productivity on Mac with HazeOver

Increase Productivity on Mac with HazeOver

Imagine the following situation. You enrolled for a Degree as an aspiring university student, and a lot of your work had turned to be continuously connected to the Mac computer. There seemed to be always a bunch of stuff you needed to do while at home, but it was only impossible to focus on one thing at the time; all of the background windows just kept distracting you. As a result, you got a bad grade on your exam, which has had some negative consequences to follow. Such disappointments could be contributed to a thing as simple as the reduction of...
Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android

5 Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android

Here are 5 best instant messaging apps for Android which you can use in your day to day life. So let’s get started. Telegram: Telegram is a free app for sending messages, photos, videos, etc. Just like other platforms like WhatsApp which uses mobile data or Wi-Fi. But it is considered much more secure than any other instant messaging apps. Sometimes telegram is called as Terrorists messaging app because of its security features. This app was launched in 2013, and till now it has over 200+ million active users. Telegram is popular mostly for its two features that are; if you have...
Top 5 Programming Languages 2018

Top 6 Programming Languages in 2023 (and where to Learn them)

If you are a newcomer to the field of programming, one of the first (hardest) decision you most likely will have to make is picking the language you want to start with. Although you can learn multiple languages simultaneously, it is not advised, particularly for beginners. It is, however, very logical to have your feet planted deep in a particular language, master the basics of the language, carry out some cool projects or create some cool stuff using the language, then you can pick up some other language(s). Definitely, as you progress, it will only become easier to pick up...
Android Apps

How to Download Best Android Apps & Games for Free?

Android community is quite active when it comes to downloading apps and games. Google Play Store is often considered to be the optimal choice for many Android users out there. Google Play Store comes pre-installed on many Android devices (smartphones or tablets) and users need their Gmail account in order to download apps, games, music, books and movies from it. No wonder it is a great platform for download stuff designed for Android devices, but there are many flaws associated with it as well. To overcome those flaws, smart people have switched over to alternate third-party applications. There are many...