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Nokia X2-05 Music Phone Price Specs & Overview

Nokia X2-05 is an affordable phone designed media playback capability, probably the best value for money music phone from Nokia. It is specifically built for consumers who require an affordable mobile phone that can also function as a media player. Nokia X2-05 is a GSM phone featuring GPRS/EDGE internet,...

Nokia C2-05 Specs & Price Stylish Phone for Social

Nokia C2-05 is an affordable, but stylish phone with great messaging and social media support that will keep you connected while on the move. Nokia C2-05 is a slide GSM phone with data services on GPRS/EDGE. It is available in three colours pink, peacock blue and dynamic grey and...

Apple iPhone 4S Review Price Specs

Apple iPhone 4S is an upgrade of the iPhone 4. The name iPhone 4S is meant to show that it is not a radically new design. It looks a lot like the Apple iPhone 4, but some of its hardware has changed to improve performance and bring it closer...

Samsung Wave Y S5380 Specs & Price Bada entry level Smartphone

Samsung Wave Y is an entry level smartphone based on the Bada OS. It sits at the bottom of Samsung's family of smartphones based on the refined Bada 2.0 OS. It is targeted at users who want to have a feel of a smartphone without breaking the bank. Samsung...

Samsung Wave M S7250 Specs & Price Bada mid-range Smartphone

Samsung Wave M is a mid range smartphone based on the Bada OS. It sits below the premium Bada Smartphone, the Samsung Wave 3 and above the entry level Wave Y. It features the latest Bada OS (Bada 2.0) and comes with an 832MHz Processor. Samsung Wave M features...

Samsung Wave 3 S8600 Bada Phones Specs & Price

Samsung Wave 3 is Samsung's flagship Smartphone based on its in-house Bada Operating System. It features the latest version of the Bada OS (version 2.0) with some major improvements to make it more competitive in the smartphone market. Samsung Wave 3 features a 1.4GHz processor, 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display,...

Nokia 701 Specs Price & Overview – Symbian Smartphone

Nokia 701 is a stylish Smartphone with a super bright display, which according to Nokia is the brightest display on any smartphone. Nokia 701, like latest Nokia Symbian Phones, features Symbian Belle with a powerful 1GHz processor. Where to Buy Nokia Phones Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦3,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦3,500.00 Buy Now   A Super Bright...

Nokia 700 Specs Price & Overview – Symbian Smartphone

Nokia 700 is a compact and versatile smartphone from Nokia. It is the smallest Nokia smartphone yet at 110mm x 50mm x 9.7mm and Nokia even claims it is the world's smallest smartphone ever. Nokia 700 features Symbian Belle with a powerful 1GHz processor and is quite stylish with...

Symbian Belle from Nokia – Nokia Phones Models for Belle

Symbian Belle is the latest update of the Symbian OS. Nokia has already announced four phones namely the Nokia 600, Nokia 603, Nokia 700, and Nokia 701 to be launched with Symbian Belle. Nokia also stated that current Nokia Smartphones models compatible with the Symbian Anna will also be...

Nokia 600 Specs & Price – Loud Symbian Smartphone

Nokia 600 is one of Nokia's range of powerful Symbian smartphones. Like the Nokia 500, Nokia 600 features a powerful 1GHz processor, but unlike the former, it comes with a separate 2D/3D graphics processor, which will boost its performance. The Nokia 600 comes with the latest Symbian OS update,...