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Articles about General Tech Services. Here we focus on businesses and solutions that use technology to deliver services to businesses, industry, and consumers. Find general information about Technology Services.

In this section we cover businesses and solutions that deliver services online or on mobile.

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Real-time Tracking

Cotrac GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution

Cotrac is a range vehicle/asset tracking solution from Cotek Integrated technologies Ltd. Cotek is a leading provider of vehicle tracking services in Nigeria. Car theft is still on the increase despite efforts by auto manufacturers to stem the trend. Addition of features like alarm system, kill switch, steering wheel lock and so on has not stopped car thieves. Car tracker solutions like Cotrac may not stop your car from being stolen but can definitely assists in its prompt recovery by Police. Cotek have a relationship with the police to ensure prompt response. Cotrac is a Global positioning system (GPS)/GSM based technology. The...


The graduate standardisation examination (GSE) is a graduate assessment examination based on the United Kingdom First Graduate Assessment (UK FGA). It is similar to the study-abroad General Method Aptitude Test (GMAT) that is used for objectively assessing the capability of an individual. GSE is an aptitude test that will eventually replace all job aptitude test in Nigeria. GSE will help employers to objectively assess the reasoning ability of prospective job seekers. It will also help graduates of institutions of higher learning to assess their capability. Already some employers now ask job applicants for GSE score as a one of the requirement...

Jobs in Nigeria: Get Vacancies from career pages

Below are the career pages of some organisations in Nigeria. Career pages are a good place to search for job vacancies in an organisation. In fact, some organisations publish job vacancies only on their career page. Jobs in Nigeria: Vacancy listing sites You can submit your CV in some of these career page applications. Others may simply list available job vacancies with instructions on how to apply. Some career pages have alert features that will automatically alert you via email or SMS whenever there is a job vacancy that matches your resume. For such systems, it is always advisable to put a...


Every year thousands of graduates live the various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria for the job market. However, there are few jobs are in the market. This means that thousands of applications from prospective job seekers usually follow any news of job vacancies in any organisation.This creates a dilemma for organisations. How do they trim down the number of applicants to a manageable size? In response to this, some organisations use the class of degree for trimming down the number of applicants. Usually University graduates with first class or second-class upper and polytechnic graduates with upper credit are...
Freelancing: A Potential Solution for Unemployment?

Latest Jobs in Nigeria Job Vacancies Listing Sites

In this page, you will find links to information on some of the latest jobs and vacancies in Nigeria for 2023 and career advice. On the Internet there are a lot of sites dedicated to publishing information about jobs in Nigeria. Online Jobs This jobs sites get their information from various sources like newspapers, word of mouth as well as from the career websites of the companies. Most of the online jobs site are free. Visit these free sites for latest jobs and vacancies in Nigeria. Begin your search for the newest and hottest jobs and vacancies in Nigeria here. Learn How...

Jobs Nigeria: use internet for job search

Having the right information at the right time is very important in securing a job. Lack of information about available job vacancies is one of the major reasons why many graduates fail to get jobs. Another reason is not being able to present their resumes to employers due to their location. The internet has made information very easily accessible. Smart job seekers now use the internet to search and apply for jobs. In this page, we will provide information on how the internet is used as a job search tool. Examples will be specific to Nigeria. Jobs listing sites career page of...

Dream Graduate Jobs Why they seem elusive

If you have searched for fresh graduate jobs in Nigeria for a long while, you might start wondering why you have not secured one yet. In this page we have provided some reasons why you may not have secured a job. Also provided are some steps to take in order to solve the problem.However, the first thing that any smart graduate must know is that there are not enough jobs to go round. Jobs are scarce because most young people are looking for jobs, while very few are thinking about developing successful businesses. Jobs are created by people, they...

ZTE F912 Phone: DSTV Mobile TV from MTN

ZTE F912 is a special mobile phone that can receive Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) signals. DVB-H OMA/BCAST is a digital broadcasting technology that enables broadcast of mobile terrestrial television and audio to mobile devices like ZTE F912. ZTE F912 has a built-in DVB-H receiver that enables it receive DVB-H signals like from DSTV Mobile. Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦14,995.00 Buy Now ZTE F912 is one of the mobile phones for receiving DSTV Mobile from MTN in Nigeria and Ghana. You can recieve DSTV Mobile in Kenya on Safaricom and in Namibia on MTC using ZTE F912. Other cell phones...

Get a page online on Naijatechguide one page dedicated

In the one page dedicated Ad plan, we write about your business, products and services on Nigeria Technology Guide. This may come as reviews or special features on your products and services. The dedicated page is optimised for search engines and will ensure that customers searching for such services will be driven to the page. In Nigeria Technology Guide's dedicated page, useful information about your business will be provided like your addresses, phone numbers, email and website addresses. In addition, information about your products and services will be displayed. This is the closest you can get to having your own...
MTN C-Track: Car Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions

MTN C-Track: Car Tracking and Fleet Management

MTN offers Car Tracking services to its customers in Nigeria and Africa. Sometimes called MTN C-Track, because the service started through a partnership with C-Track, the service offers comprehensive car tracking and fleet management solutions for individuals and businesses. Car theft is on the increase in most countries. Everyday someone loses his car at gun point. Cars parked in public car parks are not safe either as car thieves employ ingenious methods of breaking into parked vehicles. Stopping your car from being stolen is almost impossible in today’s world, but there is a solution that increases the chances of recovering your...