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Here are some posts in Nigeria Technology Guide on Honda and Honda branded products like vehicles, generators, pumps, and so on. 2015 Honda Crosstour 2015 Honda Fit 2015 Honda Accord 2015 Honda CR-V 2015 Honda Civic Authorised Auto dealers Honda Honda Civic Honda CR-V 2008 Honda dealers for generators motorcycles pumps Prices of cars in Nigeria Honda Pilot 2008 Honda Generators

Toyota Corolla 2008 New Generation Review

Toyota Corolla is a compact car with class and style. Toyota Corolla 2008 boasts of a spacious and high quality interior and excellent fuel economy. New Corolla inherits its high reliability from previous models. A 1.8-litre 16-valve Variable Valve Timing-intelligence (VVT-i) four-cylinder engine providing 132hp at 6,000-rpm powers Toyota Corolla. Different Corolla trims are available CE, which is the base model, S and LE. Corolla CE comes with a five-speed manual transmission while the S and LE trims are equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission system. Safety features are standard in the new Toyota Corolla. S and LE models come with...
Car Fuel Injectors Function and Working Principle

Car Fuel Injectors Function and Working Principle

There is a fuel injector fitted in most vehicles. The main job of injector is to supply fuel to the engine. However, just like any other machinery, a fuel injector can start malfunctioning at any time. It can either cease to spray fuel to the engine or the interval of spraying could be messed up by chance. How do Fuel Injectors Work? Before we talk about its functionality, let us first learn about the brief definition of a car Fuel Injector. It is basically an electronically controlled mechanical device that is responsible for spraying, or in other terms, we can call...
Cars for Sale

4 Benefits of Buying a Used Car at an Auction

Whether you are buying a car for yourself or are looking to acquire a few vehicles for resale, it may be a good idea to consider an online car auction for your purchase. Online auctions are seeing an increase in popularity, and for good reason. Not only are these sites easy to use, but they offer buyers countless benefits. Here are four reasons why you should consider purchasing your next vehicle from an online car auction. Get the Best Price For those who are familiar with purchasing vehicles from local dealerships, you know that these cars tend to come with many hidden costs....
Car Brake Pads

Top 6 Ways to Extend the Life of your Car Brake...

It is not new for any car owner to understand that its brakes are one of the most important parts of their automobile. The proper functioning of the brakes is one of the most important requirements for the safety of the people inside the car. Brake pads are made of steel and feature a thick friction material on one side. Usually found in disc braking systems, brake pads are responsible for working alongside a brake disc that helps in reducing the speed of the car. The brake pads go through wear and tear every time they are used. So, this...

Sell New and Used Buses on NaijaTechGuide Auto Trader

Are you an auto dealer? Do you sell new and/or used buses at your dealership? Or do you just have an old or fairly used bus you want to put-up for sale. You can now promote your offerings through our auto classified ads section, the NaijaTechGuide Auto Trader. The NaijaTechGuide Auto Trader has been discontinued Sell new and used buses, visit NaijaTechGuide Auto Trader at. Fireup your Bus sales with Online MarketingOver 40 million Nigerians are now online. Marketing online we enable you target your offerings at these fast growing number of Nigerians. At NaijaTechGuide Auto Trader, you can sell all types...
Best spin bikes exercises

Best Spin Bikes Exercises for Staying Fit

Spin Bikes are one of the best exercise machines available for daily workouts, coming at affordable prices for a healthy lifestyle. You could easily hit up Amazon and straight away buy a spin bike for yourself at really good price. Here, you can find out the best spin bikes under 500 for home use. Spin bikes are something that could be set up at homes or even at the gym with a lot of space still available all around. However, most of the people who own a spin bike barely realize that there are a lot of exercises which they could...
Lesoos FatSky Electric Bike with Fat Tires

Lesoos FatSky: A Folding Electric Bike with Fat Tires

The Lesoos FatSky is a powerful folding electric bike with fat tires that make it adaptable to different terrains like snow, sand, mud, and mountain trails. It is a multipurpose eBike suitable as a commuter bike as well as with enough ruggedness to make it suitable for the off-road when you want to tackle mountains and other less than perfect terrains. The FatSky is one of two folding eBikes currently offered by Lesoos. The other is the Lesoos PowerSky, a 14-inch folding ebike with more stamina. While the FatSky is more versatile and can handle multiple terrains better, the PowerSky...

2015 Honda Pilot SUV Price Features Specs & Review

Honda is introducing an SE (Special Edition) trim in the 2015 Honda Pilot, placing it between the EX and the Ex-L trims. It is not much of an update, maintaining the now stable design of the second generation, which now in its sixth year. The Honda Pilot will be getting its long over-due update in the 2016 model year.The Pilot is an automotive vehicle manufactured by Japanese car manufacturer Honda. The vehicle is classified as being a mid sized crossover SUV and is currently the largest and most spacious SUV that Honda has to offer. The vehicle was introduced a...
Real-time Tracking

Cotrac GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution

Cotrac is a range vehicle/asset tracking solution from Cotek Integrated technologies Ltd. Cotek is a leading provider of vehicle tracking services in Nigeria. Car theft is still on the increase despite efforts by auto manufacturers to stem the trend. Addition of features like alarm system, kill switch, steering wheel lock and so on has not stopped car thieves. Car tracker solutions like Cotrac may not stop your car from being stolen but can definitely assists in its prompt recovery by Police. Cotek have a relationship with the police to ensure prompt response. Cotrac is a Global positioning system (GPS)/GSM based technology. The...