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Why it’s a Good Idea to Check Vehicle History before Buying...

Purchasing a new car – whether brand new or used – is a considerable investment that requires doing due diligence. And as you can imagine, it is quite tasking trying to check the vehicle before purchase. Now, for first-time buyers, it can get really daunting – that is, figuring out what to look out for to avoid costly repairs after buying. You may be wondering, “But why should I go through that much stress just to buy a new car?” Well, for one, you don’t want to get stuck with a vehicle that spends most of its lifetime in the mechanic shop...
Micromobility with KBO Bike

Is Micromobility Vehicle Infrastructure viable in Big Cities?

The pandemic has changed how people view transportation. Just when Lyft and Uber were hitting their stride, sharing a vehicle with someone became a concern about hygiene and viral transmissibility. A sudden reversal occurred in 2021, and American drivers once again became enamored with owning a personal vehicle. While shared mobility is slow to regain favor, micromobility solutions are primed to pick up in popularity. Generally, these short-range transportation options are part of the first-mile/last-mile nexus and are intended primarily as urban solutions. Among the top micromobility trends are e-bikes and e-scooters but in large cities, there can be both...