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Apple Watch Specs & Price

First unveiled last September, Apple Watch is not just a specific device, but a collection. The wearable, which has been dubbed by Apple as its "most personal device yet", comes in two different sizes, three types, and 38 different models to ensure variety for users. Apple Watch represents another step by the American company towards its goal of making powerful technology more accessible. Where to Buy a Smartwatch Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now   A Model for Everyone Apple Watch, which is Apple’s first device that was designed to be worn, is created to cater to different styles and tastes. This is...

Microsoft HoloLens Price, Games & Overview

It is very likely that you have seen sci-fi movies such as the "Minority Report" in which computers can be seen being operated on mid-air, non-physical screens using hand gestures. Of course, many people will easily brush such scenes aside as mere simulations or fiction (which is what such movies are about in the first place), but this looks set to become feasible in real world scenarios with the HoloLens by Microsoft. credits: Microsoft   credits: Microsoft Microsoft HoloLens, a head-mounted glass gear, was unveiled at the Windows 10 event that took place at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington in the second half...

Microsoft Band Specs & Price

The Microsoft Band is one of the newest fitness mobile gadgets on the market, but it showcases Microsoft’s own contribution to the wearables market. Where to Buy a Smartband Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now The Microsoft Band is Microsoft's answer to the fitness bands and smartwatches from major players like the Apple Watch, Pebble Steel, and Samsung's multitude of offerings like the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear Neo, Gear S, and Gear Fit. One of the major advantage of the Microsoft Band is that it is cross platform with support for all the major platforms. Works with Major Operating Systems The Microsoft Band...

Samsung Gear S Specs & Price

Samsung Gear S is more or less like a phone on your wrist. Unlike earlier smartwatches from Samsung the Gear S offers its own SIM slot which makes it a smartphone in its own right, but can still sync with your smartphone like other smartwatches. Where to Buy a Smartwatch Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now   Hardware & Software What differentiates Samsung Gear S from other smartwatches is that it does not just act as a companion device, but can also work standalone as micro-sized smartphone for when you are out of range of your smartphone. It also offer GPS. You can...

Android Wear – Android for Smartwatches & Wearables

Google is all set to pioneer a paradigm shift in technology with Android Wear. Taking Android to the next level, Google’s new version of the technology designed for wearable devices like the wrist watch is certainly one to watch for. Android Wear is designed for smartwatches and other wearable devices. Buy Watches Online Android Wear: Gear upBasically Android Wear is an extension of your Android powered phones and gets you notifications and updates on your wrist watch. It is a full version of the Android so applications can be run directly on the wrist device itself. Similar to the Google Now...

Sony SmartBand SWR10 Fitness Tracker Specs & Price

Sony SmartBand SWR10 is a fitness band that also enables you track your lifestyle. It consists of a wrist band (Sony Wrist Strap SWR110) available in several colours and a Core unit which snaps into an opening under the wrist band and does the actual tracking. Sony SmartBand SWR10 does not have a display rather it sends notifications by vibrating or by flashing the 3 LEDs on the side. Fitness Band & Lifestyle TrackerSony SmartBand SWR10 is a fitness band that keeps track of your activities and movements. It is not just a health or fitness tracker and pedometer, it...

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Band – Specs & Price

Samsung Gear Fit is a sleek and stylish fitness band with some elements of a smartwatch. Of all the products launched by Samsung at the MWC, 2014, the Gear Fit is perhaps the most exciting. It features a brilliant curved Super AMOLED display that allows for a design that marries your wrist perfectly. Where to Buy a Smartband Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now   Fitness Band & Smart Watch Samsung Gear Fit is half fitness band half smartwatch. It is not as sophisticated as the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, but sleek and looks very promising. Unlike the Gear 2 and...

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch – Specs & Price

Samsung Gear 2 is the latest iteration of Samsung's smartwatch. It is also the top of the line of Sammy's new Gear smart wearable line. Samsung Gear 2 looks a lot like the original Galaxy Gear, but now comes with swappable strap with the camera moved from the strap to the main body. Samsung Gear also drops Android for Samsung's Tizen OS with about twice the battery life. Where to Buy a Smartwatch Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now   The Tizen Smart Watch Samsung Gear 2 dropped Android, replacing it the Samsung's much talked about Tizen OS. This is also why Samsung...

Pebble Steel Smartwatch Specs & Price

Pebble Steel is the 2014 update to the Pebble smartwatch. The Steel is essentially same to the original Pebble but with a great style and design that makes you want to own one. Pebble Steel smartwatch features a stainless steel body with swappable metal and leather straps with full compatibility with all Pebble apps. Where to Buy a Smartwatch Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦6,000.00 Buy Now   A Stylish Smartwatch Pebble Steel looks stylish in a stainless steel body available in brushed stainless steel or black matte. Pebble Steel enables you swap the bands and comes with two straps. One is a metal strap...