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Are you a tech blogger or a tech enthusiast? Do you want to share tips and your insight about technology and gadgets with our thousands of readers and fans? Do you work in tech and wish to share your insight? If your answer is yes, NaijaTechGuide accepts guest posts.

However, these days we get a massive number of requests for guest posts that we spend too much time processing guest posts. As a result we have decided to raise the bar.

First we have raised the bar on the types and quality of content we accept and secondly we now charge a token fee of $30 per guest post (See Payment plan section for more options and payment method). This will enable us ensure quality and cover cost.

Guest posts that are geared towards only sharing your link or that of your client will no-longer be accepted. Your article must be of value to our audience with actionable tips that will make them come back for more.

Articles with generic content that are of no value to our readers will no longer be published. Your guest post must offer specific information and must go straight to the point. If you must build up to your main point, the build up must be organised in headers for clarity.

The sort of content we prefer for guest posts are How to Guides, Tips, Checklists, Case studies, Infographics, etc. Gambling-themed content will not be accepted. Articles about crytocurrencies MUST stick to the technology bit and avoid the get-rich-quick bit.

For specifics, see guideline below:

Guest Post Guideline for NaijaTechGuide

  1. An 800+ word article (organised in headers and subheaders), 300+ words for Infographic
  2. Every article must have at least one image for the featured image section
  3. You should also add more images if it makes the article better
  4. You can add only one of your dofollow link to the article. Wrap your link in square bracket []
  5. Add other resource links if you think it makes the article better. During editing our editor can remove or change any of the resource links you added. So make sure you wrap your link to protect it
  6. Best guest posts are buy guides, tips, how tos for gadgets, devices, home appliances, cars, generators, broadcast technology, tech & online services, apps,
  7. Article must be unique (pass Copyscape), relevant
  8. The Guest Post must be relevant to the Technology Niche
  9. Link must also be relevant to the article
  10. Porn, Gambling, dark web content is not acceptable
  11. Send your guest post requests to [email protected]
  12. Send topic titles for approval before writing
  13. Send the finished article for approval before payment
  14. Price and Payment methods are not negotiable and emails about such will not be replied
  15. A Guest Post is not the same as a Sponsored post. Posts about a brand or their activities will be considered sponsored posts. Visit our advertising page for details of publishing a sponsored posts on NaijaTechGuide

Note that we will not publish all submissions. What we publish depends on existing content as well as quality of your guest post. So, send your article title for approval before writing. Also send the article for approval before payment.

Payment Plans

Our standard price for a guest post is $30 per post. However this is only available via Skrill or our Fiverr gig, Click Here.

Freelancer Plan ($50 or €50)

This plan gives you a contributor login that enables you post in your own name.
Price: $50 or €50.
Payment Method: Fiverr gig,Click Here, Skrill, Payoneer (USD or EUR)
When you Pay: After Post Publication

Monthly Plan ($100 or €90)

This is a more cost effective option for freelancers. You can post up to 5 articles within a 30 day period. You also get a contributor login if you want.
Price: $100 or €90.
Payment Method: Payoneer (USD or EUR), Skrill, Wire Transfer (USD)
When you Pay: After First Post is Published

Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are different from guest posts as they are usually promotional or about a brand or activities of a brand. Articles brands and there products will be regarded as sponsored post.

If you are in doubt in what category your content falls under, send your content to [email protected] for clarification.

Our current rate for sponsored post is $70 (or €60) per post if you supply the content. If you want us to do the writing our rate is $150 (or €135).

Payment Method: Payoneer (USD or EUR), Skrill, Wire Transfer (USD)
When you Pay: After your Post is Published

Note on Paying with Payoneer

The Freelancer and Monthly plans come with option of paying with Payoneer. If you choose to pay with Payoneer, you can pay in EUR or USD.

However, note that we will not be able to send payment request to you. So if you choose to pay with Payoneer, you will have to send it to our Payoneer ID. This means you will need to have a Payoneer account with fund in the appropriate currency (USD or EUR) to be able to use this option.

We do not accept PayPal. You can use our Fiverr gig,Click Here if you want to pay with PayPal.

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