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Nokia 2.3

Nokia 2.3 Specs and Price

The HMD Global just announced the Nokia 2.3 earlier this month and the device is now available in India expecting to hit the African countries Nigeria inclusive. The smartphone sport a decent body with average specifications and a combo camera. Where to Buy Nokia 2.3 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers |...
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Specs

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Specs and Price

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro fixes a lot of the shortcomings the Xiaomi Mi 9 had. When compared with its less premium cousin, it features an improved processor, bigger battery and lots more, without straying too far from the budget circle. In this article, we explore the Xiaomi Mi...
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Specs and Price

The least of the flagships unveiled by Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Mii 8 SE, a compact version of the Xiaomi Mi 8. With a smaller build and at a cheaper price in case you are not a fan of big sized smartphones. In terms of specs, the Xiaomi Mi...