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Android Vulnerability – 99% of Android Devices Could be Affected

Last week, Bluebox Security, a security firm, uncovered a 4 year old vulnerability in Android's security system. According to Bluebox, the vulnerability allows a hacker to modify the APK code of an Android application without breaking its cryptographic signature, making its potential harm undetectable by the Android security and...

Facebook Home on Android Devices

Facebook Home is a new app or a suite of apps from Facebook engineered to better integrate the social networking service into our mobile phones. According to the company Home is designed "to be the next version of Facebook" and "is a completely new experience that lets you see...

Finding a Lost Android Phone – Apps & Options

One of the products from the house of Google is a mobile operating system called Android. Symbolized by a little green android, this operating system has changed the texture, capabilities and functionalities of smartphones that run on this operating system. The sales of this operating system also reflect its...