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Buy Nokia Asha 503 Online

Nokia Asha 503, the flagship Nokia Asha phone, is now available in Nigeria. Asha 503 offers fast 3G internet with dual-SIM (micro-SIMs), support for WhatsApp and spots a 3.0-inch touchscreen and a 5MP Camera. You can now buy Nokia Asha 503 online at leading online stores in Nigeria.Where to...

Nokia Asha 309 Price in Nigeria

Nokia Asha 309 is a low cost smartphone with multitouch capacitive touchscreen. It also features Wi-Fi for faster internet and video streaming. It is identical to the dual-SIM Nokia Asha 308, but supports only one SIM. Nokia Asha 309 Price in Nigeria ranges from 16,500 Naira to 18,500 Naira...

Nokia Asha 501 Price in Nigeria

Nokia Asha 501 is a low cost smartphone that takes design inspiration from Nokia great smartphones like the Nokia Lumia line and Meego based Nokia N9 to deliver premium user experience and design at affordable price. Asha 501 now supports the popular WhatsApp Messenger. Nokia Asha 501 Price in...

Nokia Asha 501 Specs & Price

Nokia Asha 501 opens a new chapter in the story of the successful Nokia Asha line. It is the first in a series of Nokia Asha phones to feature the new Nokia Asha software platform. Nokia Asha 501 is a low cost smartphone that will offer some premium features...

Nokia Asha 309 Specs and Prices

Nokia Asha 309 is the twin of the Nokia Asha 308. It adds Wi-Fi support for high speed internet, but drops the dual-SIM feature. This makes video streaming possible on the Asha 309. If you want a low cost device with faster internet but do not mind losing out...

Nokia Asha 308 Dual-SIM Phone Specs Prices

Nokia Asha 308 is a dual-SIM smartphone just like the Asha 305. In fact, these two phones are so similar that for some moment I had to scratch my head to find out why Nokia felt compelled to build the Nokia Asha 308. Although there are a few other...