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Nook Color reader Tablet from Barnes and Noble

Nook color is a full color e-reader. Unlike the Nook reader, which featured an e-ink display for reading with a touch color display mostly for navigation and control, the Nook color reader comes with only with a touchscreen colour display. A full colour display makes the Nook color reader great for reading magazines and textbooks. Children's books also light up on the Nook Color reader. The Barnes and Noble Nook color reader also offers a great experience for web browsing. Nook color features Wi-Fi only and goes for at $249. Buy Nook Color Reader Read Customer Reviews A color display reader Unlike the...

Nook reader from Barnes and Noble Android Books Reader

The Nook reader is an award winning e-reader from Barnes and Noble. It is a leading competitor to the Amazon Kindle e-reader. Barnes and Noble Nook reader is an Android reader and offers a great reading experience with an e-ink display that reads like paper and a colour touch interface for easy navigation. Nook reader with its LendMe technology allows you lend books to friends for up to 14 days. Nook e-reader is available in two options; the Nook Wi-Fi is the cheaper option at $149 and allows wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi only. Nook 3G + Wi-Fi adds 3G...