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Box for Business – An Overview

A number of consumers have found Cloud storage services like Box beneficial because of their ease of use. However, the benefits of cloud storage are not only limited to consumers. A number of businesses that have delved into this trend have already experienced some benefits of cloud storage services. Businesses generate volumes of files daily, which can pile up to tens or hundreds of gigabytes of files very quickly. Businesses also want to ensure that their files are secure. While traditional servers or storage hardware can answer this, most small to medium sized businesses could find the cost of purchasing...

Box Cloud Storage – An Overview

While cloud storage service provider Box is known for its focus on the business crowd, it has not in any way ignored the consumer market. So, if you are considering a personal cloud storage, Box is worth your time. Like most of the popular cloud storage today, Box offers three ways for users to access, store, and sync files: namely website, desktop app and mobile app. For starters, Box offers consumers 10 GB of free storage, a pretty competitive space offering compared to its competitor Dropbox’s 2 GB free storage. For people who need more storage, there are still ways to...