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Before Buying any Gadget or Appliances, it is great to read Buying Guides on the most important considerations that should determine your buying choices and decisions.

This section of the blog covers loads of buy guides and buying guides for household appliances and Office Appliances. Covered are buy guides on TV, Refrigerator, Air Conditioners, Vacuum Cleaner, etc.
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Shopping Nigeria Read Buyers Guides before you buy

Shopping Guides or buyers guides are articles that highlight important considerations when shopping for a given item. Shopping guides helps buyers and shoppers make the right decisions when shopping in Nigeria for products. In this page, we are offering links to buyer’s guides on the Nigeria Technology Guide blog to help shoppers make the right buying decisions.Where to Shop OnlineKonga.comfrom ₦500.00 View Offers Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦500.00 View Offersnaijatechguide blog currently has buyers guide for mobile phones, TV, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Netbooks, Generators, etc. We will be adding shopping guides for other gadgets as well as updating our existing shopping guides in...
Nokia Phones - Nokia G50

How to Buy Nokia Mobile Phones and Smartphones

Nokia is still one of the most popular mobile phone brands in Nigeria. Its popularity stems from its ability to offer mobile phones targeted to all segments of the market. From the very cheap Nokia 105 going for around 8,000 and Nokia 105 4G to the low range Nokia C10 to the mid-range Nokia G21, to the premium Nokia X30 priced at around ₦370,000, Nokia continues to innovate delivering good value for money. In this article, we offer a guide on how to buy Nokia phone. Where to Buy Nokia Phones Jumia.com.ng from ₦15,000.00 Buy Now However, we have noticed some ignorance...
How to Buy a Smartphone

How to Buy a Smartphone in Nigeria, Africa

With an assortment of smartphones in the market today, narrowing your choice to one is not easy. This guide will help you buy a smartphone in Nigeria and Africa or in similar emerging markets. Since a lot of people are buying their first smartphone in such markets this guide will also enable you identify a smartphone. Where to Buy Smartphones Jumia Nigeria – Shop Here | Jumia Kenya - Shop Here | Amazon US – Shop Here What is a Smartphone? These days a smartphone is simply a mobile phone that runs on Android or iOS operating systems. So, your iPhone and Android...
Best Tablets - Surface Pro Windows 10 2-in-1 Tablet

Best Tablets – Specs, Prices, Where to Buy

Tablets are now gaining in popularity. Apple with iPad Pro and iPad (2017) tablets still leads the market, but Microsoft with Surface Pro has offered options for consumers that require more productivity. Of course, there are a huge number of tablets in the market today running Android as well as Windows. Here we will showcase some of the best tablets. Where to Buy Best Tablets Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers The Tablet PC is changing the way we use the computer. They are light, mobile, and portable making them easier...
Nokia Phones Price

Identifying Original and Fake Nokia Phones

Because of the brand recognition of Nokia, manufacturers of fake phones find it a rewarding target. This is why fake Nokia mobile phones are everywhere, making it hard to identify original Nokia phones. Fake Nokia phones may be cheaper but are never as good as the original. Here you will find ways of identifying an original Nokia phone. If you do not know the status of your current Nokia phone, you also find ways of identifying whether your Nokia phone is fake or genuine. Where to Buy Nokia Phones Jumia.com.ng from ₦9,999.00 Buy Now Buy from an Authorized Nokia Phone Dealer The most...
Is a Cheap Android Phone Really Worth It

Buy Original Mobile Phones, Avoid Fakes – Tips

The sale of fake and sub-standard mobile phones is a big business in Nigeria. With poverty so high in Nigeria, fake phones become very appealing to Nigerians especially the ignorant. This is because they are often priced within the reach of most Nigerians. Where to Buy Mobile Phones Jumia.com.ng from ₦2,500.00 Buy Now Buying a fake mobile phone always seems like a good deal at first, but will eventually leave you frustrated. Fake mobile phones often promise features like colour screen, camera, memory card, media player, internet, and Bluetooth all at a ridiculously cheap price. However these features may not work at all...

How to Buy a Netbook – Cheap Laptop Buy Guide

Netbooks are portable laptops optimised for life on the web. Netbooks are cheaper, sleeker, and lighter than standard laptops. Netbooks offer longer connectivity thanks to longer battery life. Netbooks portability have made them very popular to consumers, especially students and mobile workers. If you are planning to buy a netbook, this buyer's guide will show you some of the most important considerations. Where to Buy Laptops Jumia.com.ng from ₦18,495.00 View Offers   To a number of consumers netbooks are no different from laptops. The term netbook might still even be alien to a number of people. To these people netbooks are nothing more...

Shopping Nigeria Find Prices Shops Dealers Buy Guides Specs

Make the right shopping decisions today. This page contains links to pages on NaijaTechGuide where you will find information to guide you when shopping for technology products. You will find links to buy guides, reviews, specs, authorised dealers, shops, prices and any information that make your shopping easier. Christmas Shopping? Checkout Great Christmas Deals For your online shopping, checkout Online Stores in Nigeria Buy Guides for shoppingRead buyers guides to help you make the right buying decisions. These shopping guides will highlight the key considerations when shopping for gadgets. Here are a few shopping guides on Nigeria Technology Guide. Shopping Guide for Mobile...
How the PC can stay ahead of the game

How to Buy a New PC Computer

Owning a computer is now essential because of the immense benefit of the PC in learning, working, and entertainment. The PC also greatly increases productivity, as many tasks can now be automated or made simpler (user friendly) with PCs. Add these to your ability to browse the internet and buying a computer will be top on your agenda if you do not have one yet. Where to Shop Online Jumia.com.ng from ₦1,500.00 View Offers In this page, we will highlight some key considerations for buying a PC. However, here we will focus on buying brand new PCs, especially branded model. What will the...
Buy TV

How to Buy TV – LED OLED QLED Plasma TV Buying...

The television market is a very competitive market with products from dozens of brands promoting various technologies that promise to deliver a high quality viewing experience. For this reason buying a TV may be a hectic task at times. This page is a Buy TV guide that will highlight some of the most important considerations in buying a TV whether LED, OLED, QLED, CRT, Plasma, LCD, or 3D television. Where to Buy TV Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦35,000.00 Buy Now   Here are some tips to help you in choosing the right TV to buy: Where will the TV be Mounted? When you decide to buy a television...