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Automatic Car Tyre Pump for 4800 NGN – DealDey Deals

This automatic car tyre pump makes it easy for you to inflate your car tyre and is offered by the same dealer of the automatic car jack system. You can buy the automatic car tyre pump on DealDey for just 4,800 Naira. An automatic car tyre pump is great for emergencies. Just connect to the cigarette lighter of your car to inflate the tyre of your car, SUV, or bus. It can also be used to inflate balls, bike tires, baloons, and floats. The Automatic Car Tyre Pump comes with a built-in guage (barometer) to measure the pressure and can pump...

Automatic Car Jack System for 8999 NGN – DealDey Deals

Take the stress out of changing your car tyre with an Automatic car jack system. You can buy an automatic car jack system for your car on DealDey for just 8,999 Naira. With an automatic car jack system you can lift your car with little effort. It comes with a built-in electric motor and all the mechanical advantage required to do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is press a button. The automatic car jack system uses your car's battery. You plug-in to the battery via your car's cigarette lighter. The automatic car jack system can lift up...

Car Rearview Camera for 2950 NGN – DealDey Deals

We have shown you this Bluetooth rearview mirror, which requires a car with built-in rearview camera. However, if your car did not come with a rearview camera, you can buy a rearview camera separately and DealDey is offering a car rearview camera for 2,950 Naira. The car rearview camera is attached to the back of your car and connected to your car's bluetooth rearview mirror. If your car does not have a bluetooth rearview mirror, you have to buy one separately and DealDey also has an ongoing deal. The car rearview camera is dust proof and water proof with wide-angle and...

7-inch Bluetooth Car Rearview LCD Mirror for 10599 NGN

DealDey is currently offering a good deal on a 7-inch Bluetooth car reaview LCD mirror, selling for 10,599 Naira. The 7-inch Bluetooth car rearview LCD mirror can come handy in parking your car, but can also offer Bluetooth handsfree functionality. The 7-inch Bluetooth car rearview LCD mirror connects to your car's rear camera. This means the car needs to have rear camera. In case it does not, you can install a rear camera on your car separately. The mirror automatically switches to a monitor for the rear camera when you start parking the car and switches back to handfree after parking....