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Siphon Pump Blue

Siphon Pump for Fuel Transfer for 1500 NGN – DealDey Deals

Siphon pumps are great for filling the fuel tank of your generator or for transferring fuel from one container another. If you hurry, you can get one of these battery powered siphon pumps for just 1500 Naira on DealDey. Filling up a generator tank is something most Nigerians can identify...

Oracle Database Training for OCA 15000 NGN – DealDey Deals

Oracle is one of the leading database management system so some proficiency in Oracle database is key to anyone aiming towards a career in database management. It is not rare for Oracle training to cost over 50,000 Naira. That is why an ongoing Oracle training deal for OCA certification...

SEO & SEM Training For Search Traffic 7500 NGN – DealDey Deals

Search engines are the doors to the web for most internet uses. So, being visible on search engines is key for any business that promotes her products and services online. If you are interested in learning how to get more visitors to your website, PD Training is offering a...

Foldable Mini Hair Dryer for 1600 NGN – DealDey Deals

Need a portable and affordable hair dryer for DIY hair drying? DealDey has a good offer right now. For just 1,600 Naira you can be an owner of a foldable mini hair dryer. The Innovator foldable mini hair dryer is available in pink or blue, but only the the blue...

Pedometer for Counting Steps & Calories for 1750 NGN

A pedometer is a fitness device for measuring your progress when exercising. Specifically, a pedometer counts your steps and is a great fitness device if running or walking is part of your exercise routines. Purple Quadrant is currently offering a great deal on a pedometer on DealDey and for...

Steam Iron Brush Steamer for 3650 NGN – DealDey Deals

Steamers are very convenient for removing wrinkles from clothes, but are often very expensive. But you can get a great deal on a steamer on DealDey for a limited time only. Yummies Services is currently offering a steam iron brush for just 3,650 Naira on DealDey. Where to Buy Steam...

Milano Remote Control Keyless Entry Systems for Cars from 3600 NGN

If security for your car is in your mind, a remote keyless entry system is probably what you need. You can currently grab a Milano Remote Control Keyless Entry Systems on DealDey from 3600 Naira. A remote keyless entry system enables you lock and unlock your car door remotely without...
Hyundai Generator

Hyundai HYG45KFE Generator for 77500 NGN – DealDey Deals

One of the best deals you can find right now on DealDey is the 3.5KVA rated Hyundai HYG45KFE generator. You can buy the generator for 77,500 Naira on Nigeria's number one deals site and save more 20,000 Naira in the process. Hyundai HYG45KFE is a 3.5KVA generator with key start...

Spy Sunglasses with Camera for 5999 NGN – DealDey Deals

If a spy pen is not enough for you or you just want to have every spy gadget you can lay your hands on, you might be interested in this spy sunglasses currently selling for 5999 Naira on DealDey. The spy sunglasses sports a 5 megapixels camera on the frame...

Spy Pen with Camera and Mic for 3500 NGN – DealDey Deals

Spy pens come with a hidden camera and microphone for recording video and audio of conversations and events. They are not always easy to find, but if you hurry, you can buy a spy pen for just 3,500 Naira at DealsDey, Nigeria's number one deals site. This deal has expired The...