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All about staying secured on the Internet. Tips and Guides about Internet Security, Antivirus, Firewalls, Ransomware, Spyware

Online Privacy

How to Secure Personal Information from Hackers

In recent years, Internet security protocols have been ramped up to counter rapidly evolving threats. Many users are connecting to the Internet using unsecured connections. Browser-equipped smartphones and tablet computers have made Wi-Fi hotspot usage increasingly popular. As a result, hackers have more opportunities to intercept personal data. Identity theft has thus become extremely common. There are ways, however, that users can protect themselves from hackers and people with malicious intent. Internet users should be aware of and utilize these safeguards. Antivirus Software Every computer device should have antivirus software installed. Spyware, malware and Trojan horse viruses can be used to gain access...
Internet Safety Tips

Internet Safety Tips for 2023

The internet is full of scams, fraud, and malicious software, ready to attack your electronic devices and computer. The bottom line is, you need to put proper safety measures in place to protect yourself from the increasing number of cybersecurity threats. Follow these basic internet safety tips in order to minimize chances of online attacks. You can also read our Internet Security tips for more ideas. 11 Top Internet Security Tips 1. Have a Good Password Policy Take serious consideration in the passwords you use. Make sure to use good passwords for your email and other online accounts. Its also a good...
Vanguard News

Vanguard Website may Harm your Computer according to Google

This article was written on 10th July, 2012 when the website of Vanguard was momentarily flagged by Google for being infected. The issue has since be resolved by the owners and management of Vanguard News. The website of Vanguard newspapers, the number one Nigerian website, may harm your computer. This is according to alerts on Google search for results where pages on Vanguard website appears. Over the past hour that I have been monitoring Google Search, I have noticed that all results containing Vanguard website includes the label This site may harm your computer. To simulate the event, just search for...
Internet Scam

Internet Scam, Yahoo Scam Tips, Beware of 419 Scam Emails

Have you just received an email congratulating you for winning a lottery or urging you to update your ATM or banking detail? Be careful it is an internet 419 / phishing scam e-mail. Free online e-mail services like Yahoomail, Gmail, and Hotmail have been working to protect us from scam emails, but the phishers seem to come up with new ways to beat the filtration system. Scam e-mails seem to beat Yahoo mail more than the other email platforms. Here you find some security tips on protecting yourself from scam e-mails on Yahoo mail and other e-mail platforms. Scam e-mails are...
Internet Security Tips

Internet Security Tips 2023 – Antivirus, Firewalls, Browsers

Whenever you access the internet, you are exposed to a number of security risks. Internet security is a burning topic today because of the increase in frequency of security breaches on the internet. We will share some good internet security tips to keep you safe online. The recent assault on companies and governments by organised hacking groups stealing valuable information of customers and clients has made internet security and even bigger issue. Truth be told, most of us are defenseless against some of the internet security threats, especially against organised hacking groups. This is because these groups do not attack...
Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafe Internet Security, Stay Safe Online

Security is a very important issue on the internet today. Browsing the internet often comes with security risks that some internet users are not even aware of. Your internet security risks increases tremendously if you browse using public PCs as found in cyber cafes. A Cyber cafe (a.k.a Internet Cafe) is a place where internet applications are accessible to the public. Customers buy airtime in order to have access to the internet via PCs available in the internet cafe LAN network. The airtime contains a password for logging into the PC. Customers can also come with a laptop and connect to...