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Buying Phones & Tablets at Great Prices Online

Looking for a new mobile phone or tablet and wondering where you can buy one? Kaymu is a marketplace where you can find trusted sellers of all types of products with some of them offering the best prices for phones and tablets in Nigeria. Just visit the Mobile Phones & Tablets category and compare prices of phones and tablet from different sellers and choose the best deal for your budget. Whether you are looking for the latest Tecno Android Phones or you want the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy S4, Kaymu is the right place to begin your search....

Kaymu Marketplace Launches Affiliate Program

Online shopping in Nigeria has caught on like wild fire, with proliferation of e-commerce platforms operating different business models, one of which is Kaymu, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace, similar to eBay. The platform enables buyers have access to a wide variety of products at the most competitive price while giving sellers a platform to reach a large audience base. Kaymu.com.ng in line with its mission of empowering Nigerian entrepreneurs is set to launch its Affiliate Program. The program allows 3rd parties to promote products sold on Kaymu on their website or social media footprint and get rewarded. According to Massimiliano Spalazzi,...