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Specs and Prices of Latest Oppo Phones. Everything you need to know about Oppo phones. The Specs, Prices, and Phone Stores Where to Buy them.

Latest and Best Oppo Phones

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Oppo Realme 2

Oppo Realme 2 Specs and Price

The Oppo Realme 2 is about offering the latest feature at a price that doesn't tear the pocket. It also balances price cuts with some decent specs and a good looking build. Featuring the widely popular notch and a dual camera, the smartphone is not lacking in style as it flaunts a gradient finish that catches the eye. The wrap sheet suggest it is just about the bottom of the mid-range level even if it looks like a more premium smartphone. Where to Buy Oppo Realme 2 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers Oppo Realme 2 Specs...
Oppo R17

Oppo R17 Specs and Price

Remember the Oppo F9? The new Oppo R17 looks much like that smartphone and with the cute little notch too. That is not the only exciting thing, the smartphone sports the new mid-range Qualcomm chipset which is made with the new 10nm process. Also, it will be coming with the in-display fingerprint sensor which is one of the latest cutting edge technology in the mobile phone world. Ostensibly, there is a great work of building a device done on the smartphone radiating attractive aesthetics all round. Where to Buy Oppo R17 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See...
Oppo F9

Oppo F9 Specs and Price

Apparently the way smartphone looks have been evolving over time especially recently. Oppo has just released its latest mid-range smartphone which by the way features a modified notch. Quite frankly, the features on the smartphone is nice but certainly nothing to fuss about. However, the way the smartphone is made is the major standout defining factor from the competition out there. You would also be getting a number of cool nice features like VOOC fast charge, premium glass build and some fairly powerful mid-range hardware. Where to Buy Oppo F9 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers Oppo...

Oppo A5 Specs and Price

Oppo much like some smartphone OEMs out there released two similar smarphones only different by RAM size and internal storage space. The Oppo A5 is the exact same model has the Oppo A3s except for the higher 64GB storage space and 4GB RAM the former have. There is also another catch, the Oppo A5 is made primarily for the Chinese market which makes it a geographical variant of the Oppo A3s. More RAM means it'll be faster and multitask smoothly and then the bigger storage space, although, both have the same expansion limit of 256GB. Where to Buy Oppo A3 Jumia...
Oppo A3s

Oppo A3s Specs and Price

We've seen some features in high end smarphones trickle down to budget smartphones, from the dual camera showing its face to some even going ahead to sport quad cameras and now some of the new entry-level smarphones now have a notched display. The Oppo A3s is made this way, to have a likeness to premium smarphones with it's dual rear camera, 18:9 aspect ratio, display notch and an almost all screen front. However, the smartphone has entry-level specs which makes it an entry level smartphone. Where to Buy Oppo A3s Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers Oppo...
Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition

Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition Specs and Price

Oppo brings luxury to the mix with the release of the Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition. This kind of reminds you of the Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design which is the luxury version of the Huawei P20 Pro. Both smartphones are a product of the affiliation with luxury Automobile brands and are reflected in the extravagant price tags. The smartphone is to go on sale with a $600 difference from the ordinary premium flagship and has only a few upgrades from the Oppo Find X. Where to Buy Oppo FInd X Lamborghini Edition Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya –...
Oppo Find X

Oppo Find X Specs and Price

Premium smartphones competition has never gotten more fierce than this, with a number of OEMs trying to best each other in the race of innovation. We've seen the tri-camera of the Huawei P20 Pro, under screen fingerprint scanner from Vivo X20 UD and so on. After only a while of Vivo Nex entering with the astonishing screen to body ratio only to be beaten by the Oppo Find X. The new smartphone is graced with a pop up slide bearing both the front and rear camera. Where to Buy Oppo Find X Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya –...
Oppo Realme 1

Oppo Realme 1 Specs and Price

Oppo makes a new sub-brand to challenge the likes of Xiaomi and other budget smartphone king in the market. The first of this new line is the Oppo Realme 1 which has a bunch of nice specs except the fingerprint sensor. Quite like most of these budget smartphone makers especially the Chinese ones, the Oppo Realme 1 offers a lot features for a comparatively lesser price. You should consider the smartphone if you're a tech savvy on a budget considering it comes with the new MediaTek chipset alongside other features. Where to Buy Oppo Realme 1 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers...
Oppo A3

Oppo A3 Specs and Price

Oppo is currently working on a new smartphone to be released in India which is a major market for smartphones especially mid-range ones. The Oppo A3 comes with all the dandy features seen in premium smartphones being made recently. Some of the perks of the smartphone includes a large crisp display hugged by slim bezels and the latest MediaTek Helio P60 chipset with a number of other features. Let's take a look at how it will fare against the tight competition in this sector. Where to Buy Oppo A3 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers Oppo A3...
Best Android Phones under 70000 Naira

Best Android Phones under 70,000 Naira for 2024

Are you in the market for a smartphone and your budget is 70,000 Naira? Keeping reading you will find some worthy models on this listing. We cover the best android phones under 70,000 Naira in this article. We checked out the Best Android Phones that you could buy for under 60,000 Naira the last time. Some of you might have wanted more specs than what that list offered and we perfectly understand that. If you also understand that you might have to add something light before you get that next line of spec you want, here are the best android phones...