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StarTimes Decoders Channels Bouquet Packages

NTA Star TV Network offers StarTimes, a Direct-to-Home DTH pay TV service in Nigeria. Star TV Network is a collaboration between NTA and its Chinese partners StarTimes of China. The novelty of the NTA StarTimes service is that unlike most other pay TV services in Nigeria, subscribing to the...
DSTV Access

DSTV Access Price, Channels Cheap Pay TV Packages

DSTV Access was the cheapest DSTV package from Multichoice. DSTV Access was an entry level direct-to-home DTH pay TV bouquet aimed at giving more people in Nigeria and across Africa access to satellite pay TV, hence the name. It has now been replaced by DSTV Padi as the cheapest...

HiTV Nigeria Hi Media Decoders Packages Prices Bouquets Channels Dealers

HiTV, now Hi Media offers one the cheapest cable TV subscription rates in Nigeria today. HiTV Direct to Home DTH pay TV offers a rich blend of local and international channels and packages for your entertainment, news, sports, kids, and so on. Although HiTV has lost the right to...
DSTV Nigeria Prices Channels Packages HD Decoder

DSTV Nigeria Prices Channels Packages HD Decoders Explora PVR

DSTV is a leading Satellite cable TV service from Multichoice in Nigeria and across Africa. The service offers direct-to-home DTH pay TV services to customers across Africa and boasts of one of the cheapest pay TV packages in Nigeria as well as innovative services like HD channels, HD PVR...

Daarsat Packages Channels Prices HD PVR Decoder Dealers Review

Daarsat is the direct to home DTH pay TV subsidiary of Daar communications a leading media group in Nigeria and owners of AIT TV and Raypower FM. This is a review of Daarsat DTH/cable TV network. In this page, you will find information on Daarsat full HD PVR decoders,...

Buy Daarsat Nigeria Full HD Decoder Cable Pay TV Subscribe to Daarsat Today

Daarsat, the newest Direct to Home DTH pay TV and cable network in Nigeria, now offers you over fifty exciting TV channels. Daarsat carry exiting channels for your news, documentaries, Nollywood Hollywood Bollywood movies, live sports, fashion, music, kiddies, and so on. Catch the exciting Daarsat fever; buy Daarsat...

DSTV Africa Pay Subscription and Travel Promo

Relevant DSTV Articles: DSTV Nigeria DSTV Mobile Prices DSTV Access Channels DSTV Mobile from Multichoice DSTV Compact Plus Channels   DSTV Africa a leading satellite cable network in the African continent is currently rewarding her customers across Africa who regularly pay their monthly subscription. The promo, which runs until February 2009, will see loyal DSTV subscribers...

DSTV Special Christmas Offer/Promo: DSTV Access at 19,900 Naira

Turn your home alive this Christmas with the best of entertainment, news, sports, and information from DSTV Nigeria. Multichoice is offering new DSTV subscribers in Nigeria special discounts for installing DSTV systems in their homes this Christmas season. This year's Christmas promises to be the best ever and DSTV...

ZTE F912 Phone: DSTV Mobile TV from MTN

ZTE F912 is a special mobile phone that can receive Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) signals. DVB-H OMA/BCAST is a digital broadcasting technology that enables broadcast of mobile terrestrial television and audio to mobile devices like ZTE F912. ZTE F912 has a built-in DVB-H receiver that enables it receive DVB-H...

DSTV Mobile from Glo and MTN TV on Phones Tablets Computers

DSTV Mobile was a service offered by Multichoice that allows subscribers in Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia to receive mobile TV broadcasts on compatible mobile phones and on other mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and portable TV devices. DSTV Mobile is no-longer offered by Multichoice....