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Effective Social Media Videos

Create Effective Social Media Videos with this Simple Checklist

Without a doubt, social media videos are among the best tools available to boost user engagement with your content and brand. After all, the great thing about social platforms is precisely that your followers become active participants in your efforts, interacting and sharing your content to help you reach increasingly bigger audiences! That is in theory, at least. In practice, you can’t post a random video, sit back, and just wait for it to “go viral”. If your goal is to establish and nurture a healthy social media presence using videos, you need a strategy and methodology that produces content that...
digital marketing trends

The 3 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in...

A couple of days ago, I started on the subject of digital marketing. There, you had the chance to get answers to some of the questions that bother people whenever digital marketing is mentioned. While that might be enough to get you started, it is surely not enough to keep you going. That is why we are here today – to keep you going. One of the things I mentioned in the previous post was how a business needs to change with time. You will be surprised that even when you have started digital marketing like I advised, you will still...