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Real Devices Vs Emualtors

Real Devices vs Emulators/Simulators

Mobile testing is one of the main focuses for app developers. With more devices running new systems being released every year it is essential to test an app/game on all of them. These tests will display how an app runs on a device and if it renders incorrectly, it will need to be sent back to the coding room. Although, it's not as prehistoric as having hundreds of devices at the ready. Today we use one tool one for testing our software/apps/games. There are a few different types of tools we can use to cross-device test, emulators, simulators and then the...
Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers for your Project

Effective Recruitment Strategy for Tech Talent Acquisition

The shortage of skilled human resources has been a big problem for different industries, especially the software developer recruitment agencies and the companies. To bridge the tech talent shortage, many companies, as well as agencies, opt for the different ways of technical hiring, such as hiring dedicated developers through IT outstaffing from remote geographical locations. Let’s expand upon the tech talent gap in the industry, what challenges the industry faces while hiring tech talent and what are the ways to fill the requirements of tech jobs and associated technical skills in the software industry across the globe. Global Demand and Supply...
PHP Web Development

Top 9 Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development Project

It will be right to say that the Web is taking over the world. From leisure to business, everything is now accessible through the Web in form of websites and web apps. Times have changed and we have now moved to dynamic websites. So, what made this all easier? PHP Web Development did it! PHP is an open source, object-oriented language server-side language which has been used time and again for creating dynamic web pages. The language offers a plethora of benefits that have made popular online businesses such as Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. achieve the authority or influence...
Top 5 Programming Languages 2018

Top 6 Programming Languages in 2022 (and where to Learn them)

If you are a newcomer to the field of programming, one of the first (hardest) decision you most likely will have to make is picking the language you want to start with. Although you can learn multiple languages simultaneously, it is not advised, particularly for beginners. It is, however, very logical to have your feet planted deep in a particular language, master the basics of the language, carry out some cool projects or create some cool stuff using the language, then you can pick up some other language(s). Definitely, as you progress, it will only become easier to pick up...
Software Development

Learn the Most Important Skill to Run Successful Software Development Company...

After every few months, new trends emerge in software development. You can never predict that the trends of today will remain relevant tomorrow. These changing trends are quite a challenge for software development companies and the software developers as well, both the senior and the junior ones. If the positive side is considered, then this challenge is an opportunity. Definitely, it is an opportunity for the software developers and the companies to learn new things as the trends change so abruptly. With time, they adapt to these changes and start switching to new technology quickly. How to become a successful software...
Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

Thinking of developing a mobile app? Do you think it can be useful to people? Do you think it can solve people’s problems? If your answer is yes to all the questions then you are good to implement your idea, but wait; are you an expert in mobile app development? If not then you should find a mobile app development company, a company that will commit itself to make your idea to be a helpful tool. Deciding to build a mobile app for your business is one thing and choosing who to do the work is also another thing which must...
Mobile Apps

What can be Expected from Mobile Apps in 2023?

We can all agree that the smartphone is the one invention that we just can’t live without. In fact, Statista reports shipment of more than 1.4 billion smartphones to end users in 2021 alone. Industry experts also project that by the year 2024, over 56% of the world’s population will own a smartphone with over 7.6 billion smartphone users expected by 2027. The growing dependency on smartphones have also increased opportunities to develop mobile apps for various industries and niches. Whether it is an internet browser, the latest game or productivity software – mobile apps are the lifeblood of smartphones....
Android Coding

6 Great Tips to Improve Your Android Development Skills

Developing Android apps is a very rewarding job. Seeing how your creations are used and appreciated by thousands of Android users definitely will be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, the road to becoming top Android developers is far from easy. There are millions of apps out there so it will be very hard to have your apps noticed by the users. If you are serious about building your career as a respected Android developer, here are some tips that can help you build your Android development skills. Keep Up with the Trends but Think Out of the Box As an apps developer, you...

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Software Developer?

Software development has been a lucrative venture of late and this has made software developers be scarce. Most of the software developers found today are average software developers. The great developers in the world don’t just focus on writing solid code but also have significant imperceptible qualities. Many people think that software developers lack social abilities and are in-house people but these people have their own qualities that are suitable in their field. If you love coding and you pay attention to detail, you can fit well in this field, however, you also need to have other skills and personality...
Agile Mobile App Development Methodology

How Agile Method helps experts develop highend Mobile Apps

Out of a number of mobile app development methodologies and approaches that developers often follow, agile app development methodology is considered to be the best in class way to bring exclusively developed high-end android apps for the end users. Different from all of the other mobile app development methodologies, agile app development is not just the top most trending preference by most of the developers but in addition to that, it indeed provides a number of benefits and value addition to the developers’ community. Eliminates several traditional app development constraints Agile app development has brought considerable changes and vital opportunities to...