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Probably you think it is impossible to browse the internet at 40 naira per hour in Nigeria. Well if you are a Starcomms subscriber, you can browse internet at this rate if you subscribe for Starcomms 250 hours internet plan. Starcomms 250-hour internet plan gives a subscriber 250 hours internet access over a validity period of 90 days. In a knot shell, a Starcomms subscriber that subscribes to this plan will browse internet for 250 hours or 90 days whichever comes first. This is similar to cyber cafe model where a customer buys one or more hours of browsing time. Just...
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Starcomms Nigeria Cheap Internet Browsing Packages

Starcomms Nigeria is a leader in telecommunications and internet services in Nigeria. Starcomms was the first 3G EVDO/CDMA network in Nigeria to signup up to one million subscribers. Starcomms is also the first telecommunications company in Nigeria to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE. One area that Starcomms has done well for itself is in the provision of innovative and cost effective internet services. Prices Starcomms Internet packages: Starcomms 1XCDMA 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing - N5,000 Starcomms iZap 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing - N6,500 Starcomms 1XCDMA 250 bundled hour Internet Browsing - N10,000 Starcomms iZap 250 bundled...

Starcomms Nigeria Shops Dealers Stores Starpoints

Do you want to know locations of Starcomms shops and stores locations in your town or city in Nigeria? Do you want to know whether there is Starcomms coverage in your area? If your answer is yes, then this page will answer those questions and much more. Starcomms currently have two types of networks. The first called, Starcomms One network is based on CDMAOne 1x system (also called CDMA2000) and the other called Starcomms EVDO network is based on the more advanced and state of the art CDMA EVolution Data Only (EVDO) technology. It is also faster and more efficient....
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Cheap Phone Nigeria: from Celtel, Visafone, Starcomms

A number of mobile network operators in Nigeria are currently offering cheap handsets to Nigerians. There target are people that may find the cost of mobile phones still too expensive. Where to Buy Mobile Phones Jumia.com.ng from ₦2,500.00 Buy Now Some of the network operators currently promoting their services using cheap phones in Nigeria are Celtel, Visafone and Starcomms. The cost of cheap mobile handsets, range from between 1600 to about 3600 Naira each. These mobile phones are cheap not because they are inferior but because they are being subsidized by the network operators. For example the lowest priced handset in Nigeria at...


Starcomms, the largest CDMA 3G mobile network in Nigeria, is now live in the federal capital territory of Nigeria Abuja and the commercial hub of south-eastern Nigeria Onitsha. This is part of the company’s drive to take their high quality services to other parts of the Nigeria. Residents of Onitsha and Abuja can now enjoy Starcomms’ superior telecommunication services which Lagos residents have enjoyed for many years. Starcomms offers one of the most competitive on-net call rates in Nigeria today. Starcomms internet plans are one of the cheapest in Nigeria. Abuja and Onitsha residents can now enjoy Starcomms’ superior products which include...

Starcomms Offers most Cost Effective Internet Deal

Internet penetration in Nigeria is currently very poor. Most Nigerians presently use cybercafes for accessing internet applications. This is because of the high cost of internet connection, coupled with the high cost of owning a PC. Starcomms has been at the forefront of providing efficient and cost effective internet access to Nigerians. The recent internet offer by Starcomms puts her ahead of the competition. Starcomms is currently offering four internet plans for different segments of the market. These are: SURF ALWAYS 10 000 Naira per month This service is always on 24 hours everyday and amounts to...