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How to Send Bulk SMS on SweeftSMS

Sending Bulk SMS on SweeftSMS is very easy. Type the message you want to send, enter the contacts you want to send it to and hit send. It is that simple. In seconds, your message will reach hundreds of people just by clicking send. More Send Features However, the SweeftSMS Bulk SMS platform comes with a number other more advanced features for easier and more professional messaging. For example, you can create a unique sender ID. If you are a company your sender ID can be the name of your company. You can even create different Sender IDs for different occasions. This...

SweeftSMS – Bulk SMS Provider Review

SweeftSMS is an emerging Bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria. The company enables you send SMS at a low cost to both local and international destinations. Bulk SMS services offer cheaper text messaging rates for people who need to send bulk SMS for marketing, meeting invitations, wedding invitations, public notice, etc. Checkout SweeftSMS at www.sweeftsms.com Over the weekend we tried out SweeftSMS Bulk SMS service. Here we share our impression of the service. The Design SweeftSMS comes in a clean simple lightweight design. It is a fast loading website with no flash or heavy images, so whether on GPRS/EDGE or on fast 3G or...