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lucky Patcher

Download Lucky Patcher APK Download for Android

Hi, guys today I am going to talk about a very interesting app called Lucky Patcher. It is an app used to block unnecessary ads flashing on your screen from gaming apps or from other applications. You can download Lucky Patcher for Android as well as on your PC....
Problem pc

Common PC Problems and How to Fix them

Our computers are apart for everyday life now. Desktops and portable laptops have helped shape our present and future lifestyles. We are so heavily reliant on computers to such a depth that personally, I cannot imagine a single day without my devices. But unfortunately, nothing in this world is...
Tips and Tricks to Power up Your Phones Internet Speed

Tips and Tricks to Power up Your Phones Internet Speed

Nothing is more frustrating than a screen that is always loading. You want to get things done quickly, like send out your important emails or spill your heart out in a blog post, yet you’re deprived from doing all this because of your sluggish internet! Did you ever stop to...

Brazil 2014 World Cup – Get Ready for the Fiesta

Its 3 days to the biggest sporting event of the year and I am sure you cant wait for the 2014 FIFA World Cup to kickoff in Brazil. However, all that wait will amount to nothing if you don't take the right steps now to ensure you don't miss...
Classified Ads - Classifieds

9 tips for Posting great Classified Ads Online

Classified Ads are cheap advertising solutions for promoting a product or service. They are very attractive to small businesses and with free classified ads posting now available online, even individuals are now selling directly through classified Ads. This leads to thousands of Ads daily all competing against each other,...
Honda EM10000 Generator

How to Start or Turn On a Generator

In order to ensure an efficient running of your power generator you must ensure that you follow the right procedure to turn it on. This post provides information on how to start a generator. Consult your generator manual for specific instruction on how to start your generator. Where to Buy...
Honda em10000 Power Generator

How to Turn Off or Stop a Generator

An electric generator must be stopped in a certain way in order to ensure its continued service. This post provides information on how to turn off a power generator. Except in an emergency shut down, the procedure below should always be followed when you want to stop your generator. Where...
Generator Maintenance Tips

Generator Maintenance Tips and Checklist

Now that you have put in the needed effort and money to buy your dream power generator, it is now time to ensure that you run the generator according to the expectation of the manufacturer. How long an electric power generator set can serve you depends on how well...
Power Generator

Dos and Don’ts of a Generator

Generators are very essential in Nigeria because of epileptic power supply. To ensure your generator lasts longer than a year or two there are a few thing you should do and others you should not do. Here is a few tips on how to and how not to operate...