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Web Hosting is a service you require if you want to make your website accessible on the Internet. It involves loading the files, database, and software that make up your website to a server connected to the internet.

A Web Hosting company offers services for website hosting. Depending on your budget and the Peculiarities of your website or application, there are a number of website hosting types you could choose from simple shared hosting to the versatile cloud hosting. You can also choose between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

But, that’s not all.

If you are planning to start a blog or build a website on the WordPress platform, there are even hosting plans optimised for WordPress.

Here, you will find all find resources related to Web Hosting.

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Green Web Hosting from HostPapa

You may want your website to be hosted in a green web hosting company that is running on 100% green renewable energy. This is a great option if you are environment conscious and worried about how your business affects the environment. HostPapa is one web hosting company that is...
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As a business's web presence expands, it is often faced with an important choice regarding the issue of web hosting. Often this choice comes down to a virtual private server, or VPS, or a dedicated server hosting service. Each offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks, and one...
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Best Web Hosting Services for 2021 Websites

Only the Best Web Hosting is good enough for your business website or blog. Sure, you would not want customers and visitors to be regularly greeted with a page not found error, due to frequent server downtime from your unreliable web hosting company. Yes, a server is bound to go...
Domain Name Registration

Best Domain Name Registration Services for launching your Website

A domain name registration service enables you easily add your domain name into one of the domain registries. The Domain Name Registration service create an interface that makes registering your domain name easy, while offering some other value added services. There are many domain name registrars to choose from, so...
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Best Domain Name Registration in Nigeria, Pay in Naira

Aside Web Hosting, a website needs a domain name which is the address through which visitors find it on the internet. It is through this address that your visitors access your business website or blog on the internet. You can buy or register a domain name through a local...
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Web hosting in Nigeria Pros & Cons

Hosting your websites with Nigeria based web hosting companies comes with some benefits, but there are some snags you need to be aware of. Here you will find the Pros and Cons of hosting your websites with web hosting companies in Nigeria. Reliable Web Hosting Pros of hosting with Nigeria web...
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A reliable web hosting company is essential for your business website or blog. The best web hosting companies will offer fast and reliable servers that ensures your website is accessible on the web always and on time. Here I will be sharing some of the best web hosting providers...
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Web Hosting Tips – Domain, Storage, Bandwidth Overviews

Web hosting simply means, making a website accessible on the internet by storing it in a server connected to the internet. Websites are stored in storage drives (SSD or HDD) resident in servers connected to the internet. Web hosting involves storing your website in a server connected to the...
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A Website Essential for Business

A website enables you to provide information about your business, products and services on the internet. This will enable potential customers or clients to access information about your products and services 24/7. A website will also enable you receive feedback on your products and services this will enable you...