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Download Wikipedia for Android, Windows, Nokia, iPhone

Wikipedia can be accessed on any device via a browser. However, you can get an improved experience on the go by downloading Wikipedia app for the platform running on your mobile device. Download Wikipedia at the official store of your mobile platform.   Supported Devices Wikipedia apps are available for Android, iPhone, Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. However, note that not all mobile phones and devices running the listed platforms will supported. There is also a Wikipedia app for Windows 8.1. Download Wikipedia for your Device The best way to download the Wikipedia app is via the official store of the platform running...

Wikipedia – Free Online Encyclopedia

Looking for materials for an assignment or essay or just want to know a little bit more about a subject? Wikipedia is a good place to start. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia with article contribution coming from thousands of volunteers. It is a large repository of knowledge with over 55 million articles in 309 languages. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that allows anyone to add or edit articles. Contributors range from experts in the subject to people with a more geographically relevant angle to the subject. This gives a lot of articles on Wikipedia a broad and unbiased feel...