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Samsung TV Prices – 32-inch LED TV and higher

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If you are shopping for the main TV for a household, 32-inch screen is the perfect size to start from. Samsung offers a healthy line of 32-inch LED TVs in Nigeria, from entry level models that cost around 60,000 Naira to sleek and sweet looking models with slim bezels, full HD screen, and smart TV priced around 95,000 Naira. Here you will find some Samsung TV prices from 20-inch LED TVs through 32-inch LED TV models to up to 85-inch LED TVs. You will also find their key features, and where you can buy them.

Where to Buy Samsung LED TV

Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Konga – See Offers


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Samsung 32-inch LED TVs

LED backlit LCD TVs (a.k.a LED TVs) are slimmer and more energy efficient than CCFL backlit LCD TVs (a.k.a LCD TVs). They also offer deeper blacks and generally better pictures.

Samsung 32-inch LED TV offers brilliant pictures with numerous essential ports to enable you enjoy entertainment from diverse devices. 1 to 3 HDMI ports may be available depending on the model for enjoying HD quality content from Blu Ray players, camcorders, laptops, etc.

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Samsung 32-inch LED TV also offer one or two USB ports which you can use to watch movies and photos stored on your USB drives or listen to stored music. They also feature RF, composite, component ports.

The Smart TV models are the premium models with Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi that enables you stream entertainment over the internet. Plus you can also browse the web and access other useful apps and games on the Smart TVs.

Samsung TV Prices in 2018

Samsung KU6400 4K TV

  • Samsung 20-inch LED TVs – 38,900 Naira to 52,000 Naira
  • Samsung 24-inch LED TVs (Smart TVs) – 48,000 Naira to 75,000 Naira
  • Samsung 32-inch LED TV – 60,000 Naira to 200,000 Naira
  • Samsung 40-inch LED TV – 119,000 Naira – 250,000 Naira
  • Samsung 43-inch LED TV – 155,000 Naira to 300,000 Naira
  • Samsung 48-inch LED TV (Curved TV) – 315,000 Naira – 395,000 Naira
  • Samsung 49-inch LED TV – 187,000 Naira – 500,000 Naira
  • Samsung 50-inch LED TV – 295,000 Naira to 650,000 Naira
  • Samsung 55-inch LED TV – 360,000 Naira to 700,000 Naira
  • Samsung 55-inch QLED TV (Curved TV) – 1,200,000 Naira
  • Samsung 65-inch LED TV – 590,000 Naira to 3,000,000 Naira
  • Samsung 75-inch LED TV – 1,320,000 Naira to 3,500,000 Naira
  • Samsung 78-inch LED TV (SUHD) – 3,700,000 Naira to 4,500,000 Naira
  • Samsung 82-inch LED TV – 3,200,000 Naira to 4,500,000 Naira
  • Samsung 85-inch LED TV – 3,600,000 Naira to 4,500,000 Naira
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The price list above does not include specific models. For prices of specific models, checkout the price list below:

Samsung 32-inch LED TV Price

Here are prices of a few Samsung 32-inch LED TV models:

Model Name Screen Size Key Specs Price Range
Samsung UA32FH4003 32-inch 1366 x 768p
Stereo speakers
1 HDMI port
USB Port
24 months Warranty
AV, RF, Component
60,000 Naira – 95,000 Naira
See Offers
Samsung UA32J4002 32-inch 720p HD (1366 x 768)
2 HDMI port
2 USB port
AV, RF, Component
24 months Warranty
123,500 Naira – 135,000 Naira
Samsung UA32EH4003 32-inch 720p HD (1366 x 768)
1 HDMI port
1 USB port
Dolby Digital Plus
24 months Warranty
72,000 Naira – 90,000 Naira
See Offers
Samsung UA32F4500 32-inch 720p HD (1366 x 768)
3 HDMI port
2 USB port
Smart TV
94,500 Naira – 102,000 Naira
Samsung UA32J4100 32-inch HD (1366 x 768)
2 HDMI port
2 USB port
24 months Warranty
AV, RF, Component

Confirm specs at the store before you buy.

Shop for Samsung 32-inch LED TV

Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Konga – See Offers

Samsung 32-inch LED TV price in Nigeria depends on your city or town of residence and/or the Electronics store you choose to buy from. You can buy from leading Samsung Electronics dealers in Nigeria or from reputable online stores in Nigeria.

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NaijaTechGuide does not offer any price guarantees, 32-inch Samsung LED TV Price in Nigeria may change without being reflected on this page immediately. We will be adding prices of more models in future. These are only price suggestions. The price listed on this page is in Nigerian Naira.

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