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Top Best App Maker for Android

We have a vast population of awesome apps out there, making a quality app is a very challenging job.  Developers struggle to make the right choices when making a good app for Android because the number of different Android devices and Android OS versions play an important role in making...
Best Ways to apply Machine Learning on your Apps

5 Best Ways to apply Machine Learning on your Apps

Machine Learning is not a new technology. We have already seen many applications with advanced AI algorithms. Recently, when the pandemic hit the human race, there was a rising concern that our hands should not come in regular contact with the face.  It was essentially pointed out in a post...
Learn web development online

Web, App, and Software Development from ImperialSoft

Imperial Soft Services, “ImperialSoft”, is a technology company with focus on software development for large, medium and small scale businesses. They specialize in development of custom applications. Equipped with the best minds and tech stacks,  the company is trying to accomplish a business goal - Bring your software conceptualization to reality. For instance,...

Top Advantages of Learning Python Language

Today in this fast-changing pace, technology has also seen a lot of changes. Now people have started using a machine to solve complex numerical problems. With the evolution of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we now have systems that can work on simple voice commands. Take, for example, our Google...

8 Truths about Dating Apps that every Beginner should Know

Dating apps have dominated the modern dating scene. The range of options out there is remarkable. So whether you are looking for a relationship, hookup, or friendship, there is an app for you. The options are further refined, depending on your interest, location, and sexual orientation. The amount of information...
Java vs Kotlin

Java VS Kotlin – What’s your pick for Android App Development

Mobile phones are an essential part of our life. We use these devices for different purposes such as paying bills, shopping, finding locations via the map, gaming, watching movies and many others. Millions of people across the world have a smartphone in their hands, and this is rapidly increasing. Above...
Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

12 Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Might not Know About

WhatsApp is widely used among billions of people in the world. It is a Vastly growing platform for messaging. You can chat, video call, audio call, or create groups to talk to multiple people at once. If you are a regular user of this messaging app, you are probably familiar...
Online Marketing

8 of the Best App Marketing Strategies you need to know

So you’ve recently started out, your business is becoming stable by the day, and you’re finally exploring ways to reach out to your customers in a bigger and better way. Your strategies and experiences tell you that launching a mobile application is the best way forward. After brainstorming with...
Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Neater Android Development

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Neater Android Development

Getting some decent looking android application up and running can be quite simple. However, there is quite a big difference between making a simple application or a game and actually understanding a whole programing language, framework, or a development process and mastering the art of creating something with neat...
Parental Control Apps Helps you track what your Kids are doing

How to Create a Safe Online Environment for Children

Making sense of what sort of parental control is best is altogether founded on your own family's needs. A few families can get by with straightforward, free tool settings to channel inappropriate content. A few families need assistance cinching down on screen time. A few people are cool with spot-keeps...