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Mobile Apps Guides and Reviews. Prices,Tips for Apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. You will get information about Mobile Apps in this section.

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Watch Big Brother Titans in USA, UK, Canada, NZ, and Australia

How to Watch Big Brother Titans in the USA, Canada, UK,...

Big Brother Titans Season 1 ended on April 2, 2023 with Season 2 expected in 2024. The reality TV show featuring housemates from Nigeria and South Africa airs in Nigeria, South Africa, and across 43 other countries in Africa on Multichoice platforms like DSTV, GOTV, and ShowMax. You can also watch Big Brother Titans live stream in the United Kingdom on Showmax. BBTitans is not officially available in the rest of the world. In this article we show you how to watch Big Brother Titans in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Europe, India, or just about anywhere in the world. If...
Watch Big Brother Titans

Watch Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) Live Stream Online and Mobile Free

Big Brother Titans (BBTitans), Multichoice's exciting reality TV show will be back for season 2 in 2024. You can watch Big Brother Titans on all Multichoice platforms like DSTV, GOtv, and Showmax. To watch the reality TV show live on your TV, tune in to channel 198 on DSTV or channel 29 on GOTV on your decoder. Additionally, you can watch Big Brother Titans live stream free on the DSTV Stream App and Showmax using your mobile phone or online with just about any device with a browser. This guide will offer a step by step guide on how...
Create Money Lending App

The Practical Guide to Create a Money Lending App from Scratch

Money lending has always been a common practice among people from any society, century, and culture. Of course, the modern days are no exception. People still prefer safe money lending practices between individuals over bank loans and similar institutional lending models. Why? Well, it’s a much faster and more convenient way to borrow money from people you know (or meet online) without putting anyone at risk in the process.  That’s why the peer-to-peer lending business has always been a promising industry. However, the market has been booming ever since the global pandemic and the further economical complications that followed. As...
Next.JS, NextJS

5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Next.js Developers

Did you know Next.js is growing in popularity and becoming one of the most popular frameworks? That's right! Companies like Netflix and Twitch have used it for their sites. You can use this powerhouse of a framework for your projects if you decide to hire Next.js developers today. Have you never heard about this framework before? This article will discuss the main five benefits it has to help you understand the opportunity it presents. 1. Simplicity The average website takes less than two seconds to load. There's a reason for that: more than 50% of mobile users will leave if a site takes...
What to Look for in a Quality Smartphone Betting App

Top 7 Free Apps to Live Stream Sports

The emergence of the Internet has opened a lot of doors to numerous opportunities. As technology advances the scope of things that can be done online continues to expand bringing you to a world of wondrous possibilities. These days, there is little need to leave the comfort of your home as almost anything can be done online. You can shop, take classes and make financial transactions online. There are even certain medical complaints that can be attended to online. Streaming is one of the more popular activities with numerous platforms providing online content. There are streaming services dedicated to bringing movies and...
Make Money with Mobile App

5 Ways to Make Money With a Mobile App

Have an idea for a mobile app but need help figuring out where to start? You're in luck. Here are five ways to make money with a mobile app. Whether you're looking for venture capital or want to partner with a larger company, these tips will help you get started. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your next big project.  1. Make Your App Free To Download And Include Ads One way to make money with a mobile app is to make it free to download and include advertisements. This is an excellent option if you're looking to...
Effective Fitness App Development

Guide to Effective Fitness App Development

Fitness apps are key in promoting healthy lifestyles. Fitness app development is the foundation to create a fitness app. It is, therefore, crucial that fitness app developers follow the right processes and procedures to create effective fitness apps. There are a few key factors to keep in mind when developing a health and fitness application. These factors can affect the efficiency of your app greatly and can if the app development process is done professionally and with the right knowledge it should provide major benefits to both the owner and users of the fitness app. At HotShots Labs we strive to...
iPhone Group Messaging Apps

Top 7 iPhone Apps for Group Messaging

Applications that allow you to communicate with a large number of people at once are called "group messaging" apps. They are also an effective means of communication, decision-making and overall project management. This article comprises a list of iPhone applications that can send and receive text messages personally or in a group. There are applications for basic group chat and there are apps that make it easier for a person to add someone in group text to solve complex things, which includes a range of productivity tools necessary to manage a project or a company. 1. Slack According to MessageDesk, Slack is one...
Reduce Your Cloud Cost

4 Guaranteed Ways to Reduce Your Cloud Cost

Remember the excitement when you decided migrate to the cloud. Oh, am going to save lots of money you taught. However, 14 months down the line you begin to feel that moving to the cloud was a bad decision. If you asked 10 companies why they decided to migrate their in-house operations to the cloud, nine of these companies would put “cost savings” at the top of their list. However, that hope is all too often met with disappointment. In 2017, AWS stated that about 35% of cloud spending is wastage, and back then, that was $6.4B of their revenue. AWS probably isn’t...
Watch Big Brother Naija Outside Africa

How to Watch Big Brother Naija in the USA, Canada, UK,...

Big Brother Naija (a.k.a. BBNaija) is a popular Reality TV show in Nigeria, South Africa, and across Africa offered by MultiChoice on its platforms like DSTV, GOTV, and ShowMax. However, Big Brother Naija can be viewed mostly in Africa with United Kingdom added to the mix starting from BBNaija Season 6. BBN content is not available in the rest of the world. In this article we show you how to watch Big Brother Naija in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India, or just about anywhere in the world. The secret is in getting a good VPN, selecting a UK server, and...