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Cubot X19

Cubot X19 Specs and Price

Cubot is one of the most popular upcoming Chinese brands to have crossed the Asian continent in terms of their products and their reputation. To continue their impact in the smartphone ecosystem, the manufacturer has released another mobile phone called the Cubot X19. The smartphone packs specs such as...
Meizu Zero

Meizu Zero Specs and Price

Talk about innovations and the smartphone universe will leave your mouths wide open. All the way from China, Meizu has delivered the world’s first portless smartphone called the Meizu Zero. This was the same OEM that came out with the Meizu Pro 7 that had a secondary display on...
Doogee X11

Doogee X11 Specs and Price

The arrival of the Android Go software made entry-level a lot easier. Instead of entry-level smartphones possessing dated OS, they’re carrying one of the most recent softwares in the lite form. Doogee X11 falls into this category we’re talking about. With low-end specs comes a low price tag and...
Doogee BL5500 Lite

Doogee BL5500 Lite Specs and Price

Holding up the notch design is another smartphone from the Chinese OEM - Doogee. At a time, the notch was a buzz and although, trendiness of the notch design has died down, it’s still finds its way to recent smartphones. This time around, Doogee picked up the interesting design,...
Doogee X80

Doogee X80 Specs and Price

Chinese phone makers are renowned for their industriousness in releasing budget smartphones. One of these Chinese brands, Doogee is here with another smartphone up and running – the Doogee X80. The Doogee X80 portrays power as its strong selling point and some other decent specs added to make a...

Micromax Infinity N12 Specs and Price

The better part of the pair is the Micromax Infinity N12 which offers some better features than the lesser Micromax Infinity N11. Both smartphones have some specs in common but there are improvements in the RAM and selfie side. However, both smartphones look very much alike with the same...
Micromax Infinity N11

Micromax Infinity N11 Specs and Price

This is a budget smartphone which rides on the value for money wave, an area occupied by some very impressive products. Here is the Micromax Infinity N11 which offers modest specs and a design that keeps up with already recent fads. Released with a higher variant - Micromax Infinity N12, it...
Micromax Bharat 5 Infinity

Micromax Bharat 5 Infinity Specs and Price

This is another of Micromax Go Edition smartphone which offers just about the entry-level specs but with more added features. There is a fingerprint scanner, a decent display and design that mimics high-end smartphones. The Bharat series is known as an entry level group and the tradition continues with...
Micro max Bharat Go

Micromax Bharat Go Specs and Price

Micromax is one of those OEMs that offers entry-level smartphones principally for the Indian market which is a popular market for the budget devices. The Micromax Bharat Go goes all the way down in its price tag making it accessible for a larger number of people. Featuring the Android...
You Ace

YU Ace Specs and Price

Just in case you don't know Yu, it is a sub-brand of Micromax just the way Honor is to Huawei and Redmi is to Xiaomi. The Yu Ace is another try at the budget smartphone market which is heavily competitive by the way. Like every other smartphone in this...

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