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Huawei Y3 Prime (2018)

Huawei Y3 Prime (2018) Specs and Price

Here comes another budget from the hands of one of he biggest Chinese OEM and top selling smartphone maker at the moment with its hands in a number of other other tech gadgets around. The smartphone to be reviewed does not have much features but what it does have...
Huawei Honor 10

Huawei Honor 10 Specs and Price

Huawei has introduced an alternative to the more premium flagship of the Huawei P20 Pro and the Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design. The Honor series has formerly been known to offer a cheaper alternative even to Huawei flagships and does quite well in doing this. Huawei Honor 10 has...
Huawei Honor 7s

Huawei Honor 7s Specs and Price

Huawei has the Hionor series as their budget series and the Huawei Honor 7s is not different from the bulk of smartphones before it. While the new smartphone only has low budget specs, it comes with the latest design flare accompanied by the latest Android software. The Huawei Honor...
Huawei Honor View 10

Huawei Honor View 10 Specs and Price

You all know that Honor is sort of the budget subsidiary of Huawei and in case you don't know, now you know. Following the release of the Huawei Mate 10, which by the way costs quite a sum, Huawei decided to release an Honor version that costs way less....
Huawei Y6 (2018)

Huawei Y6 (2018) Specs and Price

Unveiling the 2018 edition of the Huawei Y6, which was first introduced back in 2015 and since then have been remodeled year by year.  This year's version has the trending 18:9 aspect ratio and quite reduced bezels with some internal upgrades too. However, what you have here is still...
Huawei Honor 7C

Huawei Honor 7C Specs and Price

The new Huawei Honor 7C ( a. k. a Huawei Enjoy 8) is the Lite version of the Honor 7X and maybe the 'C' stands for cheaper,- don't mind me. However, the smartphone does have some nice features and a nicely built aluminium body to compliment it. Nonetheless, the...
Huawei Y7 Prime (2018)

Huawei Y7 Prime (2018) Specs and Price

A new budget entry is here but it has been around for a while already which explains why it was silently released. The new smartphone is kind of a global model of the Huawei Nova 2 Lite as introduced to Malaysia. Released alongside the Huawei P20 series, the smartphone...
Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design

Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design Specs and Price

The collaboration between both brands Porsche and Huawei is a masterpiece with some nice design and off the charts aesthetics. You might have taught the spearhead of Huawei's flagship was the Huawei P20 Pro but the Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design is the phone to beat. It also has a...
Huawei Honor 7A

Huawei Honor 7A Specs and Price

Honor is more or less a mid-range brand under Huawei and one of the recent additions is the Huawei Honor 7A. The new budget smartphone has modest specs and a nice build to go along. While the specs are not for ardent hardware followers, it is more than enough...
Huawei P20 Lite

Huawei P20 Lite Specs and Price

A Lite version of the Huawei P20 was also unveiled alongside the other Huawei P20 Pro as part of the Huawei P-series. Like the Lite family, the smartphone has a trimmed down spec sheet of the original smartphone. Just incase you can't afford the more expensive models and don't...