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Full TVs Specifications, Prices, and Reviews. Find Details of Online Stores and Brick and Mortar Store for Televisions. If you are thinking of about buying a television, this is the right place to be. You can start with our How to Buy a TV article. Popular Sections: Samsung TV | LG TV | Smart TV | 4K TV | Curved TV | OLED TV | Shopping Guide TV Price | LED TV Price in Nigeria | Tech News
Samsung Q8C QLED TV

Samsung Q8C TV: Curved QLED TV with 4K and HDR

Like the Samsung Q9F QLED TV — a LED/LCD television set which uses Samsung's Quantum Dot technology to produce near OLED level quality of images and even better brightness— the Samsung Q8C QLED TV joins the latest new generation TV sets that utilizes the Q engine to produce improved...
Samsung Q9F QLED TV

Samsung Q9F QLED TV Price, Specs, and Features

The Samsung Q9F QLED TV is one of the latest product off Samsung's QLED line of TV set which has been subject of many news and hype in the display / TV world. QLED TVs are actually LED and LCD TVs but with better and more improved quality, deep blacks,...
VPN On Firestick

10 Reasons why you should use a VPN on Firestick

In an age of the mass surveillance and in the time of online hacks and massive data leaks have become one of the many features of every day’s news schedules, Internet security is prerequisite. A similar approach can be taken into consideration when the streaming industry is considered. Apart from...

Best OLED TVs for True Visual Entertainment

You know, gone are really those days when the most important parameter taken into consideration when purchasing (or picking the best) television set was the size of the display, not the quality of the images produced or the amount of energy used, technology used in the production, among a...
TVs vs Projector – Which One is Better?

TVs vs Projector – Which One is Better?

Well, if you are confused, you are not alone! Many people face the same problem. So we have decided to compare both the TV and projectors. The manufacturers are continuously introducing new models of TVs on the market that convince us with many features such as curved screens, types of...
Watching Digital TV can be great

4 Ways a Digital TV Antenna can Change your Viewing Experience

Most Aussie homeowners have already shifted to digital TVs. Because with the right digital TV antenna, you can enjoy high definition picture and sound quality without a monthly fee. So if you still haven’t made the shift, here are four compelling reasons to invest in digital TV and antenna today. 1....
Hisense N2176 LED TV

Hisense N2176 LED TV Specs and Price

Hisense N2176 is a product for people who need a Full HD LED TV and are unwilling or unable to get one from any of the leading players on the market. The Television set promises images of respectable quality and decent audio while also offering HDMI connectivity. Where to Buy...
HiSense M2160

Hisense M2160 TV Specs and Price

Featuring D-LED technology, the Hisense M2160 is range of affordable HD and Full HD television sets. It promises rich experience when playing video games or watching your favourite shows and blockbuster movies, with decent speakers to take care of audio. Where to Buy Hisense M2160 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers |...
Samsung JU6600

Samsung JU6600 TV Specs and Price

Samsung JU6600 is a series of more friendly priced 4K UHD TV sets promising users 'truly immersive viewing.' It offers four times the resolution of a Full HD TV, such as the M6500 or J6300, and looks ready to serve more life-like images. Where to Buy Samsung JU6600 Jumia Nigeria –...
Samsung J6300

Samsung J6300 TV Specs and Price

Samsung J6300 is a somewhat affordable LED TV that delivers amazing Full HD viewing. It boasts Auto Depth Enhancer, Wide Colour Enhancer and smart capabilities while promising thrilling picture quality. Where to Buy Samsung J6300 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana– See Offers Samsung...

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