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Amazon Echo 2018

7 Tech Products You Should Be Using in 2018

Technology keeps on getting better and more powerful each year. More and more technological products are creating great impacts on our livelihoods. The challenge is that we have so many products on the market and you could be wondering which ones should you really own. Here are seven tech...
Best Android Phones under 90000 naira

Best Android Phones under 90,000 Naira

If you have gone through our offerings in the entry-level market (phones under ₦20,000 and ₦30,000), considered what we put together in the lower midrange to upper midrange shelves (phones under ₦40,000, ₦50,000, ₦60,000 and ₦70,000), you might be ready for the next stages. Having begun the next level with...
Best Android Phones under 80,000 Naira

Best Android Phones under 80,000 Naira

After considering android phones under different price brackets (under ₦20,000, ₦30,000, ₦40,000, ₦50,000, ₦60,000 and ₦70,000), we have come to the next step of that list. For the bigger spenders, flagship lovers, tech enthusiasts and heavy users that want so much more from every phone they use, here are the...
Best Android Phones under 70000 Naira

Best Android Phones under 70,000 Naira

We checked out the Best Android Phones that you could buy for under 60,000 Naira the last time. Some of you might have wanted more specs than what that list offered and we perfectly understand that. If you also understand that you might have to add something light before you...
Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira in Nigeria 2018

Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira in 2018

For a list of the best android phones under 60,000 Naira, you are at the right place. 60,000 Naira is good start if you want to buy a decent mid-range smartphone in Nigeria. Android phones in this price range will offer some high-end features as well. You may also be...
The Best Android Phones under $200

Best Android Phones under $200

If you are in the market for a new smartphone and you’ve got some $200 to spare, here are the best android phones under $200 that you should absolutely take a look at. $200 is usually the budget to target if you are looking for a smartphone that will offer...
Best Android Phones Under $100

Best Android Phones Under $100

These days, the midrange market is the one where all the action is happening. It is where all phone manufacturers are showing how they can offer the best specs that have been shaved off her top-of-the-line offerings for just a few bucks. If you are looking to get the best...
Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for Easier Life : iRobot Roomba Floor Cleaner

Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for Easier Life

Admit it, no one loves to clean their house. And you would rather have someone to do it for you. Decluttering once a month, sure. But the day to day general cleaning and spot-on dusting on home appliances can be very bothersome especially when you have other priorities to...
A Smartphone

Looking to buy a smartphone? Here’s a list of the best resources on the web to help you

Buying that shiny new smartphone today is much more difficult today than it was in those simpler times of yesteryear.  With many local and international brands fighting each other in the market, choosing a phone that ticks all your needs is quite tough. When purchasing a smartphone, it is important...
Best Android Phones Under 500 GHS in Ghana

Best Android Phones under 500 GHS in Ghana

We have looked at the best android phones under 300 GHS in Ghana, and we know you loved that list. If you are one that has a little bit more money to spare and would like to get padded specs for that money, here are the best android phones...