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Twin Tub Washing Machine

Twin Tub Washing Machine Price in Nigeria for 2023

Twin Tub washers are a variant of the top load washing machine. Like the name suggests, this type of top loader comes with two tubs, one for washing and the other for spinning or rinsing and drying. They are great for homes. Twin Tub Washing Machine Price in Nigeria ranges from 75,000 Naira to up to 200,000 Naira. Where to Buy Front Loaders Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Prices vary depending on the capacity of the twin tub washing machine. Capacity can range from 5kg to up to 15kg or even more. The capacity can...
Inverter Freezer by Haier Thermocool

Save 50% on your Electricity Consumption with Nigeria’s First Inverter Freezer...

How about upgrading your kitchen to an appliance that is guaranteed to save you 50% on electricity consumption? While you might believe that you have done everything you could to conserve your electricity bills, you can still own an appliance that can do so much more. Yes, we are talking about an innovation that is guaranteed to give you one less thing to worry about. The Haier Thermocool Inverter Chest Freezer Having been in Nigeria for over 40 years, Haier Thermocool is a household name in the home appliance industry. Their appliances are not only well known for their strength,...
Dreame F9 Vacuum

Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Price, Specs and Best Deals

Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum is an hybrid cleaner with dry and wet cleaning feature. It has 2500Pa Powerful Suction with 600ml dust box to collect the dirt, dust, and crumbs on the floor and and 200ml water tank for wet cleaning. This vacuum cleaner comes with a 5200mAh battery designed to offer up to 150 minutes of effective cleaning of up to 100-150 meters. Where to Buy Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Dreame F9 also comes with a dual gyro sensor with 14 sensors and SLAM algorithm for 3D environment mapping to get a better understanding of your...
Roborock S7

Roborock S7 Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

Roborock S7 is the latest hybrid robot vacuum with impressive mopping feature, thanks to the VibraRise and Sonic Vibration Technology. This S7 vacuum have LiDAR for navigation, while mapping your home, Adaptive Route Algorithms and the ability to set no-go zones. It also has a powerful 2,500 Pa motor with a long battery life to offer up to 180 minutes of  non-stop cleaning. Where to Buy Roborock S7 Vacuum Cleaner AliExpress – See Offers This vacuum has 300ml water tank & 470ml dust bin with washable E11 rated air filter. It also an array of sensitive sensors that allows it to clean...

ABIR X6 Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum is an hybrid cleaner with high efficiency cleaning features. It comes with a more powerful suction up to 3000pa and can be adjusted in 3 levels to ensure an effortless, yet, thorough cleaning. It also comes with a Triple Navigation System consisting of a Camera+ VSLAM+SLAM Navigation. Where to Buy ABIR X6 Vacuum Cleaner AliExpress – See Offers | Gearbest – See Offers | Banggood – See Offers The vacuum cleaner has 360ml electric controlled water tank and 600 ml dustbin and also comes with a 2600 mAh powerful battery that has been improved to offer battery life...

How to Use Technology for Better Woodworking

Although most people think woodworking it’s mostly manual labor, several technological advances keep improving this industry. If you’re looking for ways to work smarter, not harder, you can use new technology developments for better woodworking. Every modern woodworker desires a set of tools that allow them to work quickly and more productively. Below are some new tech tools that can help you achieve that. Tenoner Tenoners are machines that cast projections (called tenons) on wooden pieces using saw blades or cutter heads. You’ll often find resources and additional information about tenoners on sites like SawsHub, so you can use them to trim corners...

Countries where Air Conditioning is in the Highest Demand

Scorching heat waves continue to break records across the globe thanks to the rising temperatures, examples include France which reached a sweltering 45.9°C and Australia hitting 49.5°C. It was reported that Siberia experienced a period of unusually high temperatures, June being record-breaking, noted at 38 degrees Celsius in the town of Verkhoyansk.  The Rising Demand for AC’s: The rising temperatures are the main reason why there is an increase in demand for air-conditioners (ACS). Nigeria, China, India, Singapore, and Indonesia will account for half of the total number of units by 2050. This will mean estimates of 16% increase in global electricity...
Lifting Column perfect for Home Automation

Enjoy Perfect Home Automation with Lifting Mechanisms

What about upgrading your home? While you might believe that you have done everything that is possible to accommodate everything most neatly, you can still do many more things if you use linear actuators. Yep, we are talking about some automation ideas which: Will turn your usual home into a high-tech hub, something that your friends will admire; You can unclog a lot of space by arranging storage places under your bed, sofa, or even above your head on the wall; Find a place for all the devices that you have always wanted to buy for your kitchen by installing an electric...
360 S7 Robotic Vacuum

360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs, and Best Deals

360 S7 is an ultra-smart robotic vacuum cleaner that supports Sweeping and mopping cleaning with Quiet and powerful performance. It has a suction power of 2000 Pa with four anti-drop sensors and uses the LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm to draws accurate maps and plan cleaning routes intelligently to ensure high coverage and high efficiency. Where to Buy 360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner AliExpress – See Offers | GearBest – See Offers This 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is Vacuum is engineered for seamless and effective cleaning, it has a super-sized dust tank, water tank with precision water control, virtual no-mop zones, and more. It is powered by...
Viomi V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

The Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro is a newly designed vacuum cleaner with a powerful 2100 Pa suction power, hence, it is able to clean up all sizes of particles from dirt to dust, and even gravel the size of soybeans. It is also equipped with a washable HEPA Filtration and offers up to 2.2 hours battery life. Where to Buy Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner AliExpress – See Offers | Gearbest – See Offers Inside the slimmer body, the Viomi V2 Pro has a 550ml dust box and water tank for large area sweeping and mapping. For smart navigation, this vacuum also comes...