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Data Loss

Download this Data Recovery Software and Recover all your Data Now!

We wished nobody ever came to this page searching for the best data recovery software or deleted photo recovery app to use, but that is not to be. Data loss happens every day and can happen to the best of us at the worst of times. If you want to recover lost data, read this guide first before doing anything else to increase your chances of recovering your data without corruption and in one piece. Part I: How Does Data Loss Happen? There are several reasons for data loss: -accidental deletion -not keeping/ having backup copies -disk failure -file system corruption -software corruption -system crashes Any of these...
3D Printing

From DIY To Industrial: Everything You Need To Know About 3D...

3D printing is present in almost every industry  present including automotive, dentistry, jewelry making, toys, and even in construction. Since its inception, it has tremendously grown in its use from social media influencers using it to print random objects to factories employing this technology to print automobile spare parts using Massivit 3D. However, while 3D printing is massive in its scope, the quality of your 3D prints massively depends on the type of 3D printing technology you use and employ. How does 3D Printing work? 3D printing essentially refers to additive manufacturing that is defined as the creation or construction of a...
Automatic Machine Learning Frameworks

11 Automatic Machine Learning Frameworks in 2022

Machine learning is used in almost every sector, mostly in every industry such as Agriculture, finance, healthcare, and marketing. AutoML frameworks are a very important part of machine learning. An automatic machine learning framework can help a business scale its operations and maintain an efficient ML lifecycle. It also allows anyone to build machine learning models efficiently. Machine learning engineers and data scientists can accelerate ML development using AutoML frameworks. This blog discusses eleven machine learning frameworks in 2022. What is an Automatic Machine Learning Framework? An automatic machine learning framework is an interface that allows developers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists...
M2M - Machine to Machine

Contribution of M2M Technology in Business

It's incredible how much the internet and other technological advances have changed how we interact both between ourselves and the rest of the world. The globe is now more linked than ever before because of M2M communication and the M2M Solutions Company that develops them. By 2022, the worldwide M2M market is expected to be worth over $250 billion in sales. M2M stands for 'Machine to Machine.' It is a term that refers to the interaction of billions of linked gadgets and machines with the internet and with one another. To create an intelligent network of "things" or systems, these devices...
Server Management Services

Server Management Services In India – Watch Out For The Value-Added...

The SMBs or the small and medium-sized businesses have already been proven to be greatly benefitted from outsourced server management services. The advantages are going to range from the cost-saving section to better security, alongside timely software updates. Discovering the definition and benefits of the current server management services is really important to consider over here. Let’s understand the role of a Server first: To start off with the subject, it is important to know the current definition of the server. It is more than just a powerful form of a dedicated computer. Here, the server hardware has been created with...
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type C

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type C Review

Over the years, the technology world has witnessed a significant change in the manner in which data is stored and accessed. Nonetheless, even in an era where most of us tend to directly access data using cloud technology, we often find ourselves in situations where our local storage such as a USB stick proves to be more suitable and efficient. The good news is, these local storage solutions can effectively enable the transfer of data between our smartphones too and what better storage device to accomplish this than the SanDisk’s Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type C. This smart tool...
WD Blue

WD Blue – The Fast and Reliable SSD needed to tackle...

The process of having to wait for 5 to 10 mins for your PC to boot up or having to restart your computer continuously because of how slow it takes to download a file or upload a file is a nerve- wracking experience we have all gone through at a certain point. The WD Blue SATA SSD has proven to be the best solution for fast computing and improved boot up time in your PC. The WD Blue was designed to provide fast and reliable functioning features. Due to its high data density, it allows for higher speed. with...
oraimo FreePods 3 Best TWS Earbuds

Best TWS Wireless Earbuds to Buy in 2023

Are you an audiophile and want a convenient way to listen to music on the move? True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds are now great options for listening to music on the move. In this article we share some of the best TWS wireless earbuds to buy in 2023. True Wireless Stereos have become one of the most sought-after tech gadgets/smartphone accessories in today’s world. Few years ago, oraimo became the first brand to introduce True Wireless Stereos locally in Nigeria. Today, we can trace the voracious craving and high adoption of the product to that year when oraimo pushed herself beyond...
oraimo FreePods 3 Convertible Earbuds

oraimo Releases First-Ever Convertible Earbuds

Like the Batmobile (the fictional car driven by the fictional character Batman) and every other amazing object that’s known to be convertible, the oraimo FreePods 3 are super cool. I guess you might be wondering how convertible earbuds are even a thing. But time has proven that oraimo loves to offer the unthinkable. They offered durability at a point when we were plagued with counterfeits and didn’t think we could be served with anything better. And now, they’re offering a new convertible feature that is set to take the already pleasing listening experience on their FreePods to a whole new...

WD Blue – The “Full Option” Storage Drive

With several content creators and vloggers on the rise backed by the power of the internet and huge followers on social media, staying on top of my game with the best gadgets and my expertise is a top priority. As an animation storyteller with active subscribers online, I draw my characters with software and record a lot of voiceovers, which involves storing loads of files on my PC. In the past few months, I have dished out lots of amazing content to my audience “as e dey hot now”. However, recently work has become overwhelming due to the slow response...