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Find Full Specifications, Prices, and Reviews of Computers. The Section will cover Desktops, Servers, Stick Computers, etc. You will also details of Online Stores and Brick and Mortar Store where you can buy Computers as well as their accessories and Peripherals. See HP Printer Prices Popular Sections: Desktops | iMac | Compare Prices in Nigeria You can also follow News on Computing on NaijaTechGuide
Three Things I Learned From Creating My PCB Designs Manually

3 Things I Learned From Creating My PCB Designs Manually

I recently decided that I was going to try my hands on PCB (printed circuit board), and it was a worthwhile experience. For the less techy friends, a Printed Circuit Board is made from reinforced phenolic resign that has been bonded with copper foil. The printed circuits themselves are...

Transfer iPhone Photo and More Data – DearMob Sweepstakes & Giveaway

DearMob is an all-in-one solution for managing all your content on your iPhone. It is the best possible replacement for iTunes. It includes managing your content like videos, music, books, and photos and also provides back up and data recovery all from one app. Organizing data on iOS devices can...
HP 200 G3

HP 200 G3 All-in-One 21.5-inch PC Specs

Need a powerful All-in-One workstation for your home, small business or company, the HP 200 G3 would be a great choice. The HP 200 G3 is a neatly designed powerful productivity machine with a massive display, latest top-of-the-line 8th generation Intel CPUs, and a couple of other high-end features....
External Hard Drive: Computer Accessories

How to Choose Accessories for Computer

It can be difficult to choose the right accessories for a computer. However, you also have to keep the budget in mind. You want to get the best quality items that will be useful for a long time. Everyone owns a computer or laptop nowadays but still, they require...
Micro ATX Case

Best Micro ATX Cases 2018

Whether you are a pro gamer or a beginner, picking up the perfect PC case is a challenging task for anyone. With the advent of technology, it has become extremely difficult for a user to choose from the Best Micro ATX Cases. The market is flooded with several of...
USB-C - USB Type C

3 things you need to know about USB-C

The world is quickly changing with technology making debut in every corner of the globe. New ideas are being realized while others that long bothered industry being solved. The new world as it is now is a problem solver. We’ve learnt how to solve some of the most problematic scientific...
What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) for Gaming Monitors

What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) for Gaming Monitors

What is an HDR monitor? How is it different from any other monitor on the market? Will the benefits you get from buying an HDR monitor exceed the cost you’d have to pay? In this article, we’ll answer all the questions you need to know and help you reach a...
How to choose a perfect Flash Drive

How to Choose a Perfect Flash Drive

Flash drives have become indispensable helpers of the modern man. It is is really convenient to use – you connect the drive to a USB port and you can immediately work with the information: copy, move, and delete files. With all this, USB flash drives have an impressive amount of...
Apple Mac Mini (2018)

Mac Mini (2018) — Apple’s latest Mini Powerhouse

At its recent hardware event that held in New York City, Apple unveiled a 2018 version of its Mac Mini which lies directly in between the company's new iPad Pro (2018) tablet and MacBook Air (2018) laptop in terms of price, storage capacity, speed, and performance. The new Apple Mac...

What is the Difference Between GTX 1070 and 1080?

In the world’s top graphics cards, the Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 are some of the top ranked options. Well, both are built for heavy-duty use, and quite on the higher end in terms of price. And despite the fact that they come from the same brand, they...

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