Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Specs and Price

Honor Magoic 2 watch Specs

Honor Magic Watch 2 Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Specs

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Specs and Price

Apple Watch Edition Series 5

Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Specs and Price

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 Specs and Price


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Kospet Prime Smartwatch Phone

Kospet Prime – A Smartwatch and 4G Smartphone in One

Kospet Prime is not just any other smartwatch. It might look like a watch, a big one for sure, but within its watch form factor lies a full fledged smartphone. The Watch Phone is currently available on AliExpress, as well as a number of other online stores starting at...
Smart Home Design

Inspiring Trends in Smart Home Design

There is no doubt in the fact that technology is taking over the world, making us use it for every activity that we conduct on a daily basis. Without us even realizing, we’ve integrated some piece of technology into everything that we do, including our home designs. And actually, that’s...
5 Reasons You'll Thank Your Fitness Tracker Later

5 Reasons Why You’ll Thank Your Fitness Tracker Later

Fitness trackers are wonderful devices, not least because of their myriad functions. Serving not only as sophisticated pedometers but as wearable health and workout monitors, fitness trackers very quickly prove indispensable accessories. Wondering how to get started with your fitness tracker, or keen to explore the benefits before buying? Keep...
How To Choose Perfect Studio Headphones For You

How to Choose Perfect Studio Headphones

Who doesn’t love to listen to great music? Well, everyone does and so do I. Thanks to the wide range of audio devices like headphones, earphones, boom-box, home theater setups etc. that is available for us to pick and start grooving to the beats. Thanks to technology! Where to Buy...

The Technology Behind a Headlamp

Technological progress has a tendency to creep up on people and because of this, the technology phenomenon as a whole has what could be defined as a PR problem. The usual flow is broadly the following: a scientific theory is formulated, then experimentally proven while the scientific community probes and...
sleeping track apps

Best Apps to Track your Sleeping Schedule

Sleeping is a way we relax and regain our energy. Sometimes sleeping too much can be bad. Sleeping relaxes our body and mind, but sleeping more than regular can cause problems to both health and career. Improving your Sleeping habit may increase your fitness. We usually set up alarm clocks...
Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4: Highlight features and Price

At its historic September 12 annual hardware event that took place at the company's Cupertino campus in California, Apple unveiled a next-generation smartphone — the Apple Watch Series 4 or Apple Watch 4. Highly anticipated, Apple didn't disappoint as the Watch Series 4 has been redesigned to include a wide...
Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Specs, Price, and Release date

The past week has been quite a busy one for Samsung as the South Korean electronics and gadget giant has embarked on an unveiling spree of new products; the latest being the Samsung Galaxy Watch — the new flagship off its wearable line of products. Other products that were...
Garmin CT10 Tracker

Garmin CT10 Tracker Explained with Some Useful Troubleshooting Tips

Garmin is a well-known name in the GPS tracking systems market, especially in the automobile industry. But, you may have also heard of Garmin Golf GPS systems - the Garmin Approach S60 and the Approach S20. Both are smartwatches preferred by many consumers because of their rugged performance, waterproof...
Kate Spade New York Scallop - Fashionable Smartwatches For Ladies

5 Fashionable Smartwatches for Ladies

The first version of smartwatches were cumbersome, ugly, and unattractive that only the most passionate of tech fanatics could consider wearing every day, but over the past couple of years, smartwatches have become more fashionable and attractive. As more and more fashion-focused brands join the latest tech buzz, smartwatches for...