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Best Electric Bikes Buy 2019

Best Electric Bikes to Buy in 2019

Best Pressure Washers

9 Best Pressure Washers to Buy in 2019

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs and Price

Jumia Christmas Sale
LG Stylo 4

LG Stylo 4 Specs And Price

LG K50s

LG K50s Specs and Price

Infinix Smart 3

Infinix Smart 3 Specs and Price

Top E-commerce Brands
Huawei MatePad Pro

Huawei MatePad Pro Specs and Price

Mobile Phones

LG Stylo 4

LG Stylo 4 Specs And Price

LG Stylo 4 is another budget smartphone from the South Korea company. Just like Samsung, LG is also leading in the mobile sector. They produced both high-end devices and also a budget phone as well. Where to Buy LG Stylo 4 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See...
LG K50s

LG K50s Specs and Price

The LG K50s is an affordable smartphone from LG. The smartphone features similar design and specifications with the LG K50. Where to Buy LG K50s Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers It comes with some noticeable upgrade on the camera. It...
Infinix Smart 3

Infinix Smart 3 Specs and Price

Sony Xperia 5 Specs

Sony Xperia 5 Specs and Price

Huawei Y9s Specs

Huawei Y9s Specs and Price

OnePlus 7T Pro Mclaren

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Specs and Price


SEO Rank Trackers

5 Best SEO Rank Trackers to Track Your SERP Positions

We all know what SEO is, the thing is that we lack awareness regarding the issue. Good service brings good results. This is true in walks of life. Earnings from websites work similarly as well. You need to increase traffic in quantity and quality. How can this be achieved? SEO is basically tips and techniques that are useful to achieve this objective. Importance of Ranking: To keep it simple, Ranking is nothing...
How Does The IRS Impact Filing For Bankruptcy?

How Does the IRS Impact Filing for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a drastic decision and often the last resort for many people. The reason for this is that it can tarnish one’s reputation and remain as a scar on their financial record for the rest of their life. Everyone going through a serious financial challenge wants to know whether filing for bankruptcy is a good idea or it just trades one heartbreak for another. One particular...
SEO - 5 Techniques You Should Try to Triple the Quantity of Your Website Traffic

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

With more than 1.7 billion websites in the world, getting traffic to your website can seem like a daunting task. But you can get plenty of traffic to your website if you are ready to put in the time and money, depending on what you have at your disposal. Those who have more time, will invest more of their time. Those who have money will invest more money than time...
Timeshare Companies When Accepting Payments

5 Tips for Travel and Timeshare Companies When Accepting Payments

According to GTP Headlines, one of the largest global industries in 2018, “the Travel and Tourism industry contributed $8.8 Trillion to the global economy”. Nonetheless, the travel industry is considered a high-risk industry. The risk climbs even higher for those who are in the timeshare business. Timeshare companies offer a product that facilitates economical vacation options for clients. In era where traveling is considered as a therapy to shackle...
Opera Ads

Opera Ads Releases New Ad Units to Improve How Online Businesses Interact with their Customers in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria, November 18, 2019 - Opera Ads is a fast-growing online advertising platform that seamlessly integrates into the Opera product portfolio and its 350 million global users. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sczCoYhyz88&feature=youtu.be The company has recently announced the addition of new ad units that will help Nigerian advertisers increase engagement with their target audiences and maximize the performance of their online campaigns. In traditional online advertising, marketers tend to redirect users to a landing page...


Best Graphics Card

Best Graphics Cards to Buy in 2019

Depending on the tasks you constantly use your PC for, a graphics card can be the most important component of your PC. Also known as video cards or display cards, graphics cards are important for running complex and completed tasks on your computer at super-fast speeds without burdening your...
6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Laptop

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Laptop

What Makes the Best Laptops for AutoCAD?

Best Budget Gaming Laptops

Best Laptops for Gaming on a Budget

5 best laptops

5 Best Laptops for Programming Students in 2019


Keeping Your Car Clean This Winter

Tips for Keeping your Car Clean this Winter

Regardless of whether you live close to the coast, in the desert, or in tropical areas, the climate can affect your car in various ways. For instance, your car can start aging prematurely especially for those living in coastal areas, in humid areas, or snowy areas. This means that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on paint repair jobs. During winter, most states will use salt to help combat icy roads not to forget the efforts it takes to scrape off ice from your ride. Ultimately, this can leave your car with scratches or corrosion. Good car cleaning...
The introduction of new car-related technologies makes driving easier. Now you will no longer be surprised at the opportunity to pick up Enterprise car rental in St Thomas, even if this is the most convenient way of travelling. While the press is discussing Tesla's revenue and increasing the speed of its cars, other projects are emerging that can change our ideas about buying, selling and driving cars. The development of automotive systems remains under the scrutiny of the media, and lately there have been many startups that are changing the very concept of a vehicle. Innovations are introduced both in the...
Best Electric Scooters of 2019

Best Electric Scooters of 2019

Electric scooters are getting increasingly popular these days. Kids, adults, college-goers, all are equally interested in this incredible product. The fact that electric bikes are designed to have a minimum negative impact on the environment makes them all the more attractive to the customers. And this isn't the only good thing about these devices. Besides being fun and in trend, they are also cost-effective. You don't need to spend a lot on scooters. They are an excellent means of transportation. With time, the technology behind electric scooters is also advancing. It ensures that you get what you expect from these scooters....
Painting a car and painting your house are two different things. One requires a can of paint and a few paint rollers or a paint sprayer, while the other involves a list of products, primers, clear coats, and a car paint sprayer. That’s why professional car paint jobs are usually quite pricey. The process is complex and involves some skill, but that doesn’t mean you can't paint your car yourself without spending money on the next auto body shop. Interestingly, repainting your own car might sound like a tedious task but it’s actually not as difficult as it seems. It’s simply...
There is no denying that the era of autonomy is nearly here. For many individuals around the world, it isn't too difficult to imagine fleets of autonomous vehicles navigating city streets while transporting goods and people quickly and efficiently. However, for this to become a reality, cities must start planning for and investing in infrastructure improvements that will work in tandem with technological innovation. This is how the operation of autonomous vehicles will grow, bringing about a genuinely autonomous future. One of the world's most forward-thinking cities is Dubai, so it should come as no surprise that the emirate is well on...


Top E-commerce Brands

Top E-commerce Brands with the Best Logo Designs

Over the past few years, e-commerce has evolved substantially. No matter how big or small a business is, to earn more revenue, today, every company is making an online presence. This has changed the game between brands completely. Having an online business doesn’t always mean having a great website. To help the audience find a business, you need to have a logo. Logos are the brands’ most notable identity. By simply looking...

7 Important Business Metrics for Saas Companies Growth

How well is your SaaS business doing? Do you have any information on how long you may last? Do you have a long-term business plan and if yes, is it based on any specific data? Software-as-a-service is a trending industry. So, it may seem stable for now. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. The more popular SaaS gets, the bigger the problem for you. Soon enough, your SaaS product will be only one in...
Nigerians and South Africans Hunt Down Bitcoin on Google

Paxful Sees Potential to Change Lives as Nigerians and South Africans Hunt Down Bitcoin on Google

Watch out — the hunger for access to financial services in Africa is yet to be satiated. Out of the top five countries that had the highest search volume of hot keyword “bitcoin” on Google in the last 12 months, three are in Africa. In particular, Nigeria tops the chart, followed by South Africa. These soaring high volumes of search don’t seem to be a temporary fad, however, as we...

369digitalmarketing.com Launches B2B & B2C E-commerce Business Solution that Helps Boost Sales & Income by 500% in 30 Days

369digitalmarketing.com Launches B2B & B2C E-commerce Business Solution That Helps Boost Sales & Income By 500% IN 30 Days. Do you want to boost your sales and income by 500% in the next 30 Days? Read on, as this could be the best information you are consuming today. In Nigeria today, virtually everyone seeks the internet for most solutions to meet their needs, which is why we cannot downplay the importance...
Distributed Order Management System Trend

Retailers Need Distributed Order Management System Trend for Growth

In past few years, DOM (Distributed Order Management) system has surpassed from a trending tool to a necessity. Retailers need to leverage the features offered by DOM to deliver a seamless customer experience throughout sales channels. Magento eCommerce Development Company like Aegis Soft Tech is providing DOM solutions to many retail industry’s clients, which further make their business grow. One must be aware of the DOM, i.e. distributed order management...


For coffee junkies or lovers of homemade coffee and beverages, an espresso machine is a must-have in the kitchen. Or if you run an office or team with coffee lovers, having an efficient espresso machine in the office kitchen is almost non-negotiable. You would, however, agree that picking up a new coffee machine can be quite complicated, especially if you're new to it. This is because coffee machines also come in different sizes, types, and with different features just like every other equipment out there — pressure washers, microwave ovens, etc. An espresso machine brews coffee by forcing pressurized water near boiling...
Best Lawn Mowers

Best Lawn Mowers Worth Buying in 2019

If there's anything your home, office, garden or general outdoor space deserves, it's a green, neatly-cut lawn. And to achieve that, you'd be needing one of the best lawn mowers you can lay hands on. However, because there are hundreds of different brands out there that manufacture these lawnmowers, as well as the difference in features, quality, and specifications, buying one could be quite difficult. And because a lawn mower is a long term investment which you most likely would be using for at least an hour (or more) every week for years, careful attention should be paid when hunting for...
Technology keeps moving forward day by day. The appliances are increasingly varied and more technologically developed. Among all these inventions are vacuum robots. As the name implies, they are vacuum cleaners whose simplest function is to vacuum dust and all kinds of dirt. Besides these basic functions, these robots are able to scan the place they should clean and generate a map to travel the place without hitting any obstacle. This robot has an internal structure designed and designed to give you the best cleaning on your floors. Its strong point is each of the internal elements and its operation. It...
Projectors in the market come designed in different technology to offer the best of it. The LCD and LED technology used on projectors have been used for long and has created a name for itself. LCD technology has been for decades and well known by many and common to speak of it. The technology has been used on many electronic devices, so is the LED technology. For us to have an impressive idea of what these technologies are and how they are used, it's best if we have more detailed information. Let's explore both of them in detail. The Projectors Lab...
Some electrical appliances have become an essential part of a kitchen today, and a microwave oven is among them, especially in the cities where life moves at a breakneck speed. From baking cakes to defrosting meat, microwave ovens help us in several kitchen tasks. And when it comes choosing, a buying guide for microwave oven is always handy. Let's explore the critical factors to consider before you decide on a microwave oven. 1. Where will you set it up? The first thing to consider while buying a microwave is where you are going to place the appliance. The choice will affect the...

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Sony Xperia 5 Specs

Sony Xperia 5 Specs and Price

The Sony Xperia 5 takes the most of features of the Sony Xperia 1 and tucks it into a smaller chassis, making it a  goto smartphone for Sony enthusiasts that desire a compact mobile phone. In this article, we explore the Sony Xperia 5 specs and features, which will help you in making your purchase decision. Sony Xperia 5 Key Specs & Features 6.1-inch OLED Display, 1080 X 2540 pixels...
Huawei Y9s Specs

Huawei Y9s Specs and Price

The Huawei Y9s reminisces a lot of the features of the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 and improves on a few. It is a mobile phone you would probably purchase if you need a camera hardware that is better than what we had on the Y9 Prime 2019. In this article, we explore the Huawei Y9s specs and price, to further buttress this fact that helps you make your purchase...

5 African Game Developers Going Global on the App Store

Not that long ago, it was incredibly difficult for game developers from Africa to gain access to a global audience. Thanks to the App Store, that’s rapidly changing with mobile games built on the continent playing an increasingly significant role in the global market. Ahead of Africa Games Week, which takes place in Cape Town from 5-7 December, we got the lowdown on some of the top African-made games on...
Why you should consider carrying a Voice Recorder with you

Why you should consider carrying a Voice Recorder with you at...

Recording of events has been a critical interest among the human population whose elementary success can be traced back to the phonograph, invented in 1877 by the household name Thomas Edison. Since then, the sound recording sphere has experienced tremendous transformations, successfully engineering the introduction of digital voice recorders.  At some point, regardless of the activities, we pursue professionally or leisurely, we all need to record something. Consequently, unraveled below are...
Keeping Your Car Clean This Winter

Tips for Keeping your Car Clean this Winter

Regardless of whether you live close to the coast, in the desert, or in tropical areas, the climate can affect your car in various ways. For instance, your car can start aging prematurely especially for those living in coastal areas, in humid areas, or snowy areas. This means that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on paint repair jobs. During winter, most states will use salt to...
OnePlus 7T Pro Mclaren

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Specs and Price

The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren is a special edition of the original OnePlus 7T Pro. It was designed in partnership with McLaren. It is a smartphone designed for enthusiasts that desire a smartphone that showcases some of the aesthetics of the McLaren Vehicle. In this article, we explore the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren specs and price. OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Key Specs & Features 6.67-inch, Fluid AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen, 1440...