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Buy Inverter, Generators, Automotive on Konga
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Mobile Phones

LG Candy Specs and Price

Affordable smartphones have a select group of iusers it appeals to and in the Indian market where the LG Candy was launched there is quite an audience.. The smartphone has a funky name and not only that, it will be coming with four alternative back cover of different colours....
ZTE Axon 9 Pro

ZTE Avon 9 Pro Specs and Price

ZTE just recently resumed operations after its ban which made the Chinese company unable to embark on any production. Unveiled at the 2018 IFA event in Berlin, the ZTE Axon 9 Pro is the company's latest flagship. The smartphone comes with all the latest features on it and quite...
Blackberry Evolve X

BlackBerry Evolve X Specs and Price

Umidigi Deals on Jumia ElectroShock

UMIDIGI Smartphone Big Promotion on Jumia

Blackberry Evolve

Blackberry Evolve Specs and Price

Blackberry Key2 LE

Blackberry Key2 LE Specs and Price


7 Factors Affecting VPN Speed

7 Factors Affecting VPN Speed

Speed makes the world go round. From the solar system to terrestrial traffic, speed is a constant component of life, the universe, and beyond. Computing and technology is no different. One of the primary metrics we use for the measurement of progress in technology is speed. Thus, processing power...

Wix SEO – What are the Things to Consider

There’s no denying that obsession with WordPress is nowhere near decline. The content management system (CMS) powers 26.4% of the internet. However, we rarely question the alternatives that run the rest of the world wide web. This introduces Wix into the picture. Wix is a website building tool that allows...
User Data Surveillance is Heading IOT Towards Disaster

User Data Surveillance is Heading IOT Towards Disaster

“We need to do better as an industry, get past the hype and start talking about real-world implementation.” – Stanton It is time that we come out of our imaginary world and create a perfect one, where not even a single IOT device fails. IOT organizations are quite optimistic that...
9 Reasons Why Every Business Undeniably Needs SEO

9 Reasons Why Every Business Undeniably Needs SEO

Many businesses and brands know the importance of SEO for their digital properties. SEO will help to boost the overall visibility and searchability of your website. Search Engine Optimization has lots of benefits for businesses and will help take your business to the next level, irrespective of the size...
Piratebay Proxy servers

Piratebay Proxy Servers can be great help to you

Do you love watching movies? Do you download them from torrents? Well, then your favourite has to be Piratebay to unblocked movies isn’t it? Well, if it is, you must be aware in some regions and countries you cannot access movies through the service. The reason is very simple. The...


Lenovo ThinkPad X380 Yoga

Lenovo Thinkpad X380 Yoga Specs and Price

The ThinkPad X380 Yoga is a great convertible 2-in-1 PC from Lenovo's ThinkPad line of tough, sturdily designed notebooks with solid performance. The X380 Yoga is perfect for use as a business laptop, or for students and professionals. It also comes at a reasonably affordable price when compared to...
Acer Swift 7

Acer Swift 7 is the World’s Thinnest Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad L380 1

Lenovo ThinkPad L380: Portable PC at its Cheapest

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Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4: Highlight features and Price

At its historic September 12 annual hardware event that took place at the company's Cupertino campus in California, Apple unveiled a next-generation smartphone —...
Blackberry Evolve

Blackberry Evolve Specs and Price

Going back to the days of the Blackberry smartphone without the physicql keyboard plus a bit of the modern way of doing things births...
Blackberry Key2 LE

Blackberry Key2 LE Specs and Price

Blackberry just made the nice qwerty keyboard available at a much lesser price tag. The Blackberry Key2 was a more expensive model so a...
Moto One

Moto One Specs and Price

For a while now, the Android One have been rumoured to be coming to a Motorola phone. The answer to that is here, the...

Sony Xperia XZ3 Specs and Price

Sony is here with the successor to the Sony Xoeria Z2 series and it does look like a typical smartphone from the conglomerate. The...
Moto One Power

Moto One Power Specs and Price

You could think of the Moto One Power as the Moto One with a bit more power and not only in battery capacity but...
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