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Best Investment Apps to use 2024

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With the sharp increase in brokerages and new companies offering investment apps, the options are numerous. Plus, choosing the best investment apps can be overwhelming with the long list of investment apps in the market.

There are numerous apps for every category of investors either you are a stock trader or an angel investor; there are apps suitable for you.

And as a beginner with a lot of fears and doubts, there are investment apps to help beginners get familiar and comfortable with investing.

You want to ensure that, in the race of increasing your capital; you don’t end up losing it all. And this you can also achieve with an investment app.

In this post, I will be taking a more detailed step in analyzing the best investment apps in the market that you can choose from.

This review will also contain the app ratings on app store to see how well its doing on the market.

Before we dive into it, let us remind ourselves of what exactly investment apps are?

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What are Investment Apps?

Investment apps are mobile apps that provide a platform for individuals to invest and also track their investments.

Tracking your investments is very important and an investment app that does not offer this feature is not worth it.

While there are investment apps for buying stocks, we also have a good number of investment apps for agricultural investments.

This totally depends on which of them you are more comfortable with. This will be discussed later on in the post.

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So let’s get into the list first.

Best Investment Apps

1. Bamboo


Bamboo is an investment platform featuring over 3000 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and stock exchanges in the United States which you have unrestricted access to as a user.

Users can fund accounts with dollars, Naira or their local currency easily to start trading. Bamboo offers a much more transparent charges policy which makes them a suitable platform for newbies.

Bamboo is fully launched in Nigeria as one of the best investment apps in the country and hopes to spread out to other African countries too. One great advantage of this app is that you can start investing with as little as 15,000 Naira.

Absolutely, with the 2FA verification process offered by Invest bamboo; you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

Bamboo has a rating of 3.8 (from over 8000 reviews) on Google Play store and a rating of 4.1 (484 ratings) on Apple store.

Features of Bamboo

  • Bamboo gives unrestricted access to over 3000 Nigeria and US stocks
  • Flexibility of funding your account with both Naira and dollars
  • Offers a simple dashboard to track your investments
  • High bank level security with 2 Factor authentication verification (2FA) and data encryption
  • Protected by NG and US Sec
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available for download on their respective play store.
  • Uninvested cash left in account accrues 1.45% interest annually.

Download the Bamboo Android app and iOS app

2. Cowrywise


Cowrywise is more of a savings app than an investment app. It helps you get an interest through a savings account.

However, Cowrywise also allows you to invest in mutual funds, and also earn by compound interest.

With as little as ₦1000 you can start saving on Cowrywise platform.


  • Flexibility in funding your Cowrywise account with any Nigerian bank (either manually or automatically from your bank account.)
  • Offers different types of savings and Investment plans you can choose from.
  • Minimum duration of investment and savings is 3 months
  • Offers Halal savings for Muslims interested in saving with Cowrywise
  • You can create as many savings plans as possible
  • Cowrywise dashboard is designed to monitor investments and returns.
  • Allows you to invest in different types of mutual funds
  • The systematic Investment program allows you to invest a fixed amount regularly into a mutual fund daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Cowrywise does not charge any SMS fee or account maintenance fee.

Download Cowrywise android app and iOS app

3. PiggyVest

PiggyVest app

Piggyvest is a savings and Investment platform that allows you to earn an interest while saving. It is one of the best investment apps that offers a better interest rate for your savings.

However, they also offer an Investment plan which allows you to invest in companies while earning an interest rate.

Plus, you also have an option to lock funds for a set period of time before you are able to withdraw your funds. And during this period, you can earn up to 13% interest rate on your funds.

With their target savings feature, you can set a finance target for yourself with a set duration to achieve your targets.

Piggyvest offers different savings and investment options like Investify, Safelock, Flex Naira, and Flex dollars, which enables you save in US dollars.

Let get into the features PiggyVest offer


  • Gives you the flexibility to earn while saving. You earn between 5% – 15% interest rate over your funds
  • An investment plan that allows you to earn up to 25% interest rate over your capital.
  • With the Autosave option, you don’t have to login to save money. This is done automatically from your debit card.
  • Offers an option to save towards a financial goal or create a fixed deposit account with the safelock feature.
  • Piggyvest rewards customers with points with 1 PiggyPoint being equivalent to ₦10
  • Has a referral programme that allows you to earn by referring friends to PiggyVest.

Download Piggyvest android app version and iOS version

4. Carbon

carbon app

Carbon is well known as one of the best quick loan apps for individuals. They provide quick loans for salary earners. In the past, they had a separate investment app called PayVest, that allows you to invest and earn a profit over a period of time. However, everything has now been been put in one Carbon app, giving a one stop access to all their financial services.

Carbon is mobile banking  and loans app that enables get loans and save money. It is one of the best investment apps to use right now. The app allows you to track your investment and spending right from your dashboard.

The parent company, GetCarbon, is a full-grown finance company and has other products from which you can benefit from.


  • Has a simple user interface for easy navigation
  • Has both Android and iOS app for mobile users
  • Offers different financial services other than investment products
  • The minimum investment amount is N100
  • Payment flexibility to withdraw and fund your account
  • Gives flexibility to earn up to 15.5% interest per annum
  • Bank-grade security protects your funds

Download PayVest (Carbon) android app and iOS app

5. Risevest

Rise investment app

Rise is a Platform that gives you the key to unlock foreign investment opportunities without leaving the comfort of your home.

With over 3000 investors using Rise investment app and increasing. Definitely, they must be satisfied using the app.

Rise combines the precision of complex algorithms and experience of finance experts to help you invest in top performing foreign opportunities.

Plus, you get to invest in dollars which means a better return on investments especially when you convert your dollars to the Naira currency.

For a start, you download the mobile app (Android or iOS version) and sign up. You get to choose the type of investment and duration of your investment.

One noticeable feature is that as you continue on the platform, Rise get to serve you an automatic custom mix of investment opportunities you can invest in based on your previous choices.


  • Offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • Investment is done in dollars which leads to a better and higher return
  • The app uses a complex algorithm to serve you foreign opportunities that most likely fit your investment style
  • All accounts are protected with the same encryption technology banks use and the stock investments are insured too.
  • Rise charges fee on card payment, withdrawal and platform fees. For the card payment, Rise charges 1.4% + N100 for local cards and 3.9% + N100 for international cards
  • Allows you to trade US stocks and Eurobonds via the app

Download Rise Android app and iOS app

6. Trove App

Trove Investment App

Trove is an investment app that allows you to buy US stocks and Nigerian stocks right from where you are in Nigeria.

Before investing in US stocks from Nigeria was nearly impossible but thanks to the advancement in technology; this can now be done from the comfort of your bed. This makes Trove one of the best investment apps around.

Trove gives you the flexibility of investing with as little as N1,000 Naira through their app. It features big Nigerian companies and conglomerates like Dangote cement, Jumia and other US brands like Netflix, Microsoft, etc.

Trove gets a rating of 4 of 5 on Google play store and a glance through people’s comments shows that they have a good number of positive reviews.

And it makes sense to note that the few negative reviews is more of people seeing the formalities as being stressful, so Trove app gets a green on this.


  • Allows you to automate your investment by linking to your debit card
  • Offers a flexible capital investment rate
  • It offers both an android app and iOS for Apple users
  • A one-time fee of $5 is required to open a US brokerage account
  • A four-step registration process

Click here to Download the Android and iOS app

7. Chaka

Chaka investment app

Chaka is an investment app that allows you to trade both local and global stocks across 40 countries in the world. Investment stocks of big companies like Google, Facebook, Dangote, are available on Chaka investment app.

To start with, Chaka has a calculator that enables you to do your investment math yourself. You can get an estimate of the present cost of company shares using the app.

Chaka’s dashboard allows you to track your investments with a feature to see how much you’ve gained or lost since acquiring the shares.


  • Chaka offers a finance calculator to calculate live shares and see their current pricing
  • The dashboard is equipped to track your investments and see how much you gained or lost
  • Flexibility to invest in both local and global stocks without any barrier.
  • Local equities are registered and protected by Nigeria stock exchange (NSE) and Central Securities Clearing system (CSCS)
  • All global equities are offered through a US brokerage and are protected by US securities and Exchange commission (SEC).
  • Offers mobile app for both Android and iOS users

Download chaka android app and iOS app

8. I-invest (Treasury bills)

I-Invest app

I-invest is a mobile app that allows both current and aspiring investors to purchase securities and other related investment (T-bills) without a broker.

It is known for being a platform that does not need a broker to make Investment.

Treasury bills, eurobonds are some of the investment plans that I-invest offers through their mobile application.

In addition, the application provides a dashboard to track investment portfolios.

Ultimately, providing a means investors can save money while still earning interest rates.


  • Offer a user friendly interface to track Investment portfolios
  • Has a mobile app for both Android and iOS users
  • Provides access to an array of Treasury bills and Eurobonds investments
  • I-invest does not charge any additional fee
  • Registration is made easy and does not take you more than 5 minutes
  • Flexible bank integration; you can easily fund your account with your debit card or through any Nigerian bank
  • Minimum cash investment is N100,000 naira
  • The minimum holding period is 30 days ( minimum Investment duration).

Download I-Invest android app and iOS app

9. Ziing (Investment One)

Investment-one app

Investment one is an investment platform offering assets management, stockbroking, trust and pension fund management and other financial services.

The Investment platform is a top player in the Nigerian fintech sector with experts offering financial services to their customers.

The first Investment-one mobile app enables you to access their investment products. However, the app is not properly functioning and has a lot of glitches.

However, Investment-one has launched another app, Ziing, through which you can access all their financial products with ease through your mobile phones.

A lot of errors that the first app caused their users have been attended to in order to make the Ziing app a better solution. Plus, the app has a simple user-friendly interface.


  • Offers virtual investment simulator
  • With Easy Trade, you can place trade mandates on NSE
  • Investment one manages both corporate and individual accounts
  • Offers a USSD code through which you can trade directly.
  • Profiling on the easy trade platform requires a one-off N1000 fee.
  • Liquidation of stocks can be done easily within 3 working days

Download Ziing android app

10. Wealth.ng

Wealth.ng app

Wealth.ng is another investment platform that allows you to invest in foreign stocks with any currency. Plus, Wealth.ng allows you to also invest in agriculture and real estate.

Fixed income product is one the best investments to make as an investor. With the fixed income securities, you receive periodic interest payments every year you hold the assets.

The agricultural investment plan allows you to earn a bigger profit by investing in agriculture. Your funds are invested into farms of your choice and get to track your investments.

Besides, the real estate investment plan is an awesome deal for investors. You don’t need millions to own a real estate stock. With Wealth.ng, you can invest as little as N10,000 and enjoy over 18% interest per year.

Wealth.ng has a rating of 3.3 on Google play store with over 137 reviews on the app. While on the App store, Wealth.ng has a rating of 3.8.


  • Offers a variety of investment plans (treasury bills, eurobonds, real estate and Agricultural investment)
  • The minimum investment duration is 30 days
  • Wealth.ng is absolutely free and does not require any fee
  • Offers a white-glove account feature that enables you to hand-over control to Wealth.ng to make decisions for you.
  • Has a wealth TV channel where they educate people on personal finance.

Download wealth.ng android app and iOS app

11. AfrInvestor

Afrinvestor Investment app

Afrinvestor is an online investment platform owned by Afrinvestor, a Nigerian investment company that specialize in asset management, securities trading, investment banking, and investment research

They have their headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Their online trading solution enables individual investors access to trade Nigerian stocks and other investment products online from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Afrinvestor has a mobile app for Android users.


  • Creating an account with Afrinvestor is free and does not require any initial deposit
  • Offers live equities trading that allows you to see live prices of stocks and also bid for offers.
  • Charges a brokerage commission fee of 1.35% on equity trades
  • Afrinvestor does not support trading of Treasury bills via the platform. They offer this on a custom level
  • Provides a dashboard to track your investment both fixed and equity.
  • Afrinvestor is free (apart from commission) and supports all countries

12. FBN Edge

FBN Edge

FBN Edge is one of the best mutual funds investment app that simplifies investing and makes tracking your investment easier.

The mobile app is owned by FBNQuest Assets Management, a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria. The app gives users control over their financial goals.

One noticeable thing is it’s team of experienced investors and the backing of one of the best banks in Nigeria. This is why we believe it is one of the best investment apps you can download right now.

Obviously, it has earned the trust of many users.


  • Signing up into the platform is as simple as ABC
  • FBN Edge allows you to purchase and top-up existing mutual funds
  • The app offers a dashboard for viewing real-time balances
  • Offers mobile app for both Android and iOS users

13. Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund is Nigeria’s best dollar savings app that allows you to virtually save your funds in dollars while earning daily passive income. You can earn 14% annual interest on your deposit. Pillow is available across 60+ countries. Additionally, you can deposit and trade crypto on the app to earn high returns.

– Save in dollars
With Pillow, you can invest in dollars through fiat currency or Naira and earn returns.
Start small
With Pillow, saving in dollars is easy. You can start your investment journey with as little
as NGN 3000!
Daily returns
Interest on your investments is credited to your account daily. You can earn 14% interest
Save in wallet
Access all your holdings and save them in your Pillow wallet. Buy and sell your favourite
tokens while earning interest on your deposits.
Trade tokens
With Pillow, you can trade your favourite tokens and earn high returns on your
Invest and earn
Earn passive income on your savings. Earn up to 50% returns by investing in your
favourite tokens like BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, AXS and more.
World-class security
All assets deposited on Pillow are securely stored with our custody partner, BitGo.
Additionally, all deposits in custody are protected against any incidents with a $250
million insurance policy.

14. PayDay Investor

PayDay app

Payday Investor is a platform that allows you to save your money towards a goal and still get better returns on investment.

The investment platform is more of a bank-type model, in which you save your money with PayDay with a target in mind.

However, the PayDay investor offers a better interest rate over your funds. In addition, your dividends are not taxed.

With a team full of finance experts with over 20 years of experience, the PayDay investor app helps make the best investment decision for your capital.

Besides, within 24 hours of funding hour payday investor account, you begin to see your interest accrue and returns are paid every quarter into your wallet.

Belows are the key features why its worth being on the list.


  • Creating an account is easy and fundings will display within 24 hours of signing up.
  • Has a dashboard to keep watch over your returns and wallet balance
  • PayDay helps you make the best investment decisions for your funds.
  • Dividends are not taxed
  • Has a saving automation tool that automatically debit your account for a specified amount you choose to save.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours

15. FarmCrowdy


Unlike other investment apps covered so far in this article, FarmCrowdy is one of the Best Agriculture investment platform. It provides you with the best environment and tool to invest in agriculture. Whether it is fish farming or poultry farming; there are a lot of options available for you.

You don’t need to be directly involved with the running of the farm, your fund does the work for you. With your funds, FarmCrowdy funds a farm and provides the necessary farm tools, seedlings, fertilizers, etc.

They offer a mobile app from which you can maintain and track your investments. You can also visit the farm to see where your money is put and the progress they have made.

This is one of the best investment apps if you are interested in or passionate about Agriculture but don’t have the time to be an active partner.


  • The investment duration ( farm cycle) runs from 5 months to 12 months)
  • Offers flexible payment options for investors
  • Farmcrowdy provides insurance cover over your initial capital in order to reduce the risk of losing your investment
  • Has both android and iOS app for mobile users

16. ThriveAgric

Agricultural Investment Platform - Thrive Agric

ThriveAgric is an agricultural investment platform that allows you to make profit by funding a farmer. Just like Farmcrowdy, your investment is put into a farm and your investment duration depends on the farming cycle.

To get started, you download the app, choose the right farm and get updates on the progress of the farm. The updates are given in the form of SMS, email and notifications on the App.


  • Offers a user-friendly interface on the app
  • Offers an android and iOS app for mobile users
  • Updates of farm produce are sent to investors every month
  • Investors are allowed to visit the farm only after giving a week notice of their coming
  • Thrive Agric Insures investors capital with leadway, so if there are any cases of damages or whatsoever; your funds will surely return back to you

Which is the Absolute Best Investment App?

Glad you asked! The answer depends on your investment skills and which of the investments you are much more comfortable with.

A glance through our list of best investment apps reveals that we have different apps with different investment plans.

There used to be agricultural investment apps, but most of them have gone burst. These days most investment apps focus on trading stocks, ETF, treasury bills, Eurobonds, real estate and many more.

We also have investment apps that give you access to foreign stocks (like US stocks) and local stocks in the Nigerian stock exchange. The important question is where does your strength lie?

If you are knowledgeable in trading stocks, then you can consider apps like Bamboo which gives you the option to trade foreign and local stocks.

Ultimately, the bottom line is finding where your strength lies and diversifying your investment portfolios.

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