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Create Money Lending App

The Practical Guide to Create a Money Lending App from Scratch

Money lending has always been a common practice among people from any society, century, and culture. Of course, the modern days are no exception. People still prefer safe money lending practices between individuals over bank loans and similar institutional lending models. Why? Well, it’s a much faster and more convenient way to borrow money from people you know (or meet online) without putting anyone at risk in the process.  That’s why the peer-to-peer lending business has always been a promising industry. However, the market has been booming ever since the global pandemic and the further economical complications that followed. As...

Informal Financing in Nigeria

Traditional financial institutions in Nigeria are playing a considerable role in the Nigerian economy by providing borrowers with informal loans. Besides providing financial support, credit facilities are also promoting social cohesion among people living in towns and villages. Credit facilities can help small businesses and boost startups because of the lack of coherent government policies to support entrepreneurship. How Informal Financial Sector Is Organized People from different locations and especially those with similar interests or problems, organize themselves in groups from mutual help. Despite the presence of banks in Nigeria, informal banking is still in existence since banks cannot reach all...
Avoiding Banking Fees

Tips on Avoiding the 5 Most Common Banking Fees

Your bank might charge you for overdrafting, using ATMs, receiving paper statements and some other services. Read this article to get to know how to avoid excessive fees and cut down your expenses! In this article, we'll list the five most popular types of bank fees and share recommendations on evading them. ATM Fees Normally, your bank should allow you to use its ATMs for free. But if you withdraw cash from an ATM of another financial institution, you might need to pay a fee. These fees tend to grow over time because the demand for ATMs is decreasing. People are getting more and...
ATM Machine

Bank of America ATM Withdrawal Limit

This article is aimed at enlightening you on the Bank Of America ATM withdrawal limit. Are you a person who uses cash often for various reasons? Are you about opening an account with Bank Of America and you want to know all there is to the account? Or, are you among the group of persons who for one reason or the other just want to be abreast of the ATM withdrawal limit of the Bank of America? Then you are certainly at the right place. Read on to get answers to all your questions. What Is Bank Of America ATM Withdrawal Limit? ATM...
Cryptocurrency Investment Worthy

Is Cryptocurrency a Worthy Investment?

With cryptocurrency investments in 2021, it will be possible to get filthy rich. The downside is that you could lose any money you have. Both are true, but how? Crypto-asset investments can be risky, but also extremely lucrative. Cryptocurrencies are a good investment if you want direct exposure to the demand for digital currencies. Stocks of companies with exposure to cryptocurrency are a safer but potentially less lucrative alternative. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrency. Are Cryptocurrencies Safe? Cryptocurrency is not completely safe, at least not right now. On the other hand, other evidence suggests that it...
Branch Instant Loan App

Branch Announces Free Unlimited Money Transfers and Nigeria’s Leading Investment Returns...

Africa’s leading finance app invites Nigerians to compare and save With over 23 million downloads, Branch is one of the most popular lending apps in the world. The app now offers 2 new noteworthy services: Unlimited free money transfer (unmatched amongst today’s finance apps) 20% per annum investment returns (amongst Nigeria’s highest) These new offerings complement instant loans up to N500,000, free bill pay, airtime top ups, and other existing services found within the app. Taken together, customers can now enjoy a single app to manage their money with unmatched value. “Finding the best deal when it comes to your money can be...
Remitano makes Money Transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria and vice-versa Easier with the new “Cash-out” Feature

Remitano makes Money Transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria and vice-versa Easier...

Due to the ever-increasing volume of money transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria, Remitano, a global escrow-marketplace, has just launched a smart, free, and safe approach for cross-border money transfers. This system will allow Nigerians to send and receive money from Malaysia and other countries without incurring the high fees charged by most traditional Nigerian banks. Fast Remittance and Cheaper Average Costs for Money Transfers between Malaysia and Nigeria As a result of the launch of Remitano’s international cash-out features, Nigerians can now send and receive money from their families and friends in Malaysia multiple times faster than traditional Nigerian banks and...
Best Investment Apps

Best Investment Apps to use 2023

With the sharp increase in brokerages and new companies offering investment apps, the options are numerous. Plus, choosing the best investment apps can be overwhelming with the long list of investment apps in the market. There are numerous apps for every category of investors either you are a stock trader or an angel investor; there are apps suitable for you. And as a beginner with a lot of fears and doubts, there are investment apps to help beginners get familiar and comfortable with investing. You want to ensure that, in the race of increasing your capital; you don’t end up losing it...
Best Crowdfunding Agriculture Investment Platforms

Best Crowdfunding Agriculture Investment Platforms

Have you always wanted to venture into agriculture; start a poultry farm, a piggery, a cow ranch, or better still plant crops, but you are always busy with one or two things and don't think you can juggle between work and farm? What you may need are Agriculture Investment Platforms. Don't worry, there are a number of crowdfunding based agriculture investment platforms that makes it possible for you to own a farm without any manual labor on your part. There are tons of Agricultural Investment Platforms that enable you to invest your hard earned money into agriculture and get a good...
Best Quick loan apps

Best Quick Loan Apps for 2023

Have you heard of mobile apps for getting quick loans? Do you want to know some of the best quick loan apps around for when you need meet some emergency financial obligations? Here we share some of the best services. Getting loans has always been a stressful thing. You have to either belong to a cooperative group or have an account with a bank you are seeking loan from. And this doesn't end there. There are a lot of formalities you need to go through which makes sourcing of loans for personal needs and small businesses technical when going through the...