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Before Buying any Gadget or Appliances, it is great to read Buying Guides on the most important considerations that should determine your buying choices and decisions.

This section of the blog covers loads of buy guides and buying guides for household appliances and Office Appliances. Covered are buy guides on TV, Refrigerator, Air Conditioners, Vacuum Cleaner, etc.

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Electric Skateboards

Top Tips for Picking the Best Electric Skateboards

Whether it’s your first electric skateboard or your tenth, shopping around for the right device is never easy. If you’re on the outside looking in, it might seem that buying a board is all about finding the fastest and longest range device within your price range. But in reality,...
Luxury Watch

Buying your First Luxury Watch (Complete Guide)

When buying your first luxury watch, it's more commonly suggested to stick with brands known for their reputable craftsmanship. This automatically brings up high-end watchmakers such as Rolex or Omega. Despite the steep price tags, most working professionals today are already aware of the many nuances and intricacies of luxury...
Buying an Electric Unicycle

10 Things to look for Before Buying an Electric Unicycle

Electric Vehicles like Hoverboards, Scooters and Unicycles are taking the whole world by storm. These self-balancing motorized vehicles are useful and fun. Plus they save you a lot of money as well. If you are looking to buy a Electric Unicycle with discount then stick with this Technomono best electric...
6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Laptop

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Laptop

Even if you have used some laptops before, that doesn't ensure that you'll not encounter any problem while buying a new one; credit goes to the ever-changing technology. Laptop manufacturers include new features, which makes it even tougher to select the right kind of machine for you. There are times...
How To Choose Perfect Studio Headphones For You

How to Choose Perfect Studio Headphones

Who doesn’t love to listen to great music? Well, everyone does and so do I. Thanks to the wide range of audio devices like headphones, earphones, boom-box, home theater setups etc. that is available for us to pick and start grooving to the beats. Thanks to technology! Where to Buy...
Grab a Good Fridge: 7 Tips to Avail of a Good Refrigerator

Grab a Good Fridge: 7 Tips to Help you Choose of a Good Refrigerator

There are a lot of good and bad choices when it comes to picking out your fridge. However, when it’s the freshness of your produce at stake, you can’t bank on a 50-50 possibility. You have to choose the right refrigerator. Thus, buying the right one requires good judgement...
Buy Flash Drive

How to Buy a USB Flash Drive

Flash drives have become indispensable. They are convenient to use – you connect the drive to a USB port and you can immediately work with the information: open, edit, copy, move, or delete files. Where to Buy USB Flash Drive Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers...
10 Essential Tips for Buying Cheap Gaming Laptops

10 Essential Tips for Buying Cheap Gaming Laptops

Who doesn’t like games? I am sure everyone loves it. When it comes to computer games the madness with people like me is still active and enthusiasm to complete levels, kill enemies, and cheat codes are always the energy booster. Gaming was always the then sensation of every kid. And,...
iPhone XS MAX Cases for Girls

 Buying iPhone XS MAX Cases for Girls

With its breathtaking new features and sleeker than ever design, the iPhone XS MAX is on every girls list (if they don’t have one already) this year. So how do you go about finding stylish yet practical iPhone XS MAX cases for girls? Especially when there are literally thousands...
Things To Remember When Buying A Car For Your Family

Things To Remember When Buying A Car For Your Family

If you are buying a personal car, you can be pulled towards the urge to spend more, but buying a family car is a whole different process and the stakes go exponentially higher. While buying a family car, you have to keep in mind multiple factors like the safety quotient...