Security Gadgets Everybody Should Own

Security Gadgets Everybody Should Own

Buying SD Cards

How to Buy an SD Card?

Accessories For Every PC Gamer

7 Essential Accessories For Every PC Gamer

Security Camera for a CCTV System


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Tech Innovations

3 Tech Innovations that Will Transform the Workplace

If you didn’t know it yet: we’re living in the future. What we once saw in movies only, are now part of our everyday lives. But with so much innovation going on, it’s easy to fall behind. While you’re still struggling with certain tasks at work, new gadgets that can...
AirPods 2

AirPods – Everything You Need to Know

AirPods, Apple’s recent new addition to its line of products boasts of an unparalleled wireless headphone experience. Simply take them out, pair them with your device and you are good to go. The best thing about Airpods is that it is equipped with sensors that automatically know when you are...
A Dog Wearing Glasses

The Complete Guide to Smart Home Tech for Pets

Your home has likely gone high-tech with virtual assistance devices that can recite a recipe, play your favorite song or even control the temperature with a voice prompt. Smart home tech have useful features that provide comfort and convenience with ease of use, even for the most technology-challenged amongst...
Best Ways to Turn your Home into a Smart Home

Best Ways to Turn your Home into a Smart Home

Well, there are several paths to turn your lovely house into a smart house! For example, turning from self-programming indoor regulators to voice actuated TV controls, and we have discussed some of the efficient ways to convert your lovely home into a smart home. It took us a moment...
Why you should consider carrying a Voice Recorder with you

Why you should consider carrying a Voice Recorder with you at...

Recording of events has been a critical interest among the human population whose elementary success can be traced back to the phonograph, invented in 1877 by the household name Thomas Edison. Since then, the sound recording sphere has experienced tremendous transformations, successfully engineering the introduction of digital voice recorders.  At some...
Ablaze Butane Hash Oil Extractor

Best BHO Extractors

Do it yourself (DIY) is becoming a growing trend in the cannabis community. This trend has been helped in no small measure by the availability of good quality BHO extractors. With a butane hash oil extractor you can safely extract wax all by yourself. I recently checkout Amazon to see the...
Best Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinder to Buy in 2020

Rangefinders have quite a number of applications but they are becoming increasingly popular in golfing and golf-related activities. In golf, you are expected to hit the golf ball (or British) into a hole from a set distance. Knowing how far the ball is from the hole or flag lets you...
LCD Projector vs LED Projector

What’s the Difference Between an LCD Projector and a LED Projector?

Projectors in the market come designed in different technology to offer the best of it. The LCD and LED technology used on projectors have been used for long and has created a name for itself. LCD technology has been for decades and well known by many and common to...

Smart Home Gadgets To Help Combat Mold-Related Allergies

Smart technology is taking the world by storm, with up to 40.5% of households in the USA expected to embrace smart technology by 2021. Smart home gadgets are also becoming increasingly popular among tech-savvy Nigerians, who are utilizing the tech not only to render their houses safer, but to make...
Wine Gadgets Every Household Should Have

Wine Gadgets Every Household Should Have

If you are one of the 30% of Nigerians who enjoy a glass of wine regularly, it is worth investing in some new gadgets that can help keep your wine fresh and cool, making it a luxury experience. From the practicalities of opening even the most awkward bottle, to deciding what to...