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What is PoE? (Power over Ethernet)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a network feature defined by the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards. PoE switch is used to power networked devices with Ethernet cables via the existing data connection. PoE-compatible devices can be used as Power SOURCES (PSE = Power Sourcing Equipment), Powered Devices (PD = Powered...
Luxury Watch

Buying your First Luxury Watch (Complete Guide)

When buying your first luxury watch, it's more commonly suggested to stick with brands known for their reputable craftsmanship. This automatically brings up high-end watchmakers such as Rolex or Omega. Despite the steep price tags, most working professionals today are already aware of the many nuances and intricacies of luxury...
Buying an Electric Unicycle

10 Things to look for Before Buying an Electric Unicycle

Electric Vehicles like Hoverboards, Scooters and Unicycles are taking the whole world by storm. These self-balancing motorized vehicles are useful and fun. Plus they save you a lot of money as well. If you are looking to buy a Electric Unicycle with discount then stick with this Technomono best electric...
Top Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100 (Buyer’s Guide)

Interestingly enough, there are a couple of good Bluetooth headphones within a range of $100. They are not at all bad in any way and serve users well. If you are a music junkie or an avid audio listener then this guide will be helpful to you. Reason being,...
Phone Battery Repair Near Me

How To Get Original Phone Battery Replacement Quickly

REVEALED : How To Get The Best Battery Replacement On Your Phone From As Low As ₦3999 in Lagos. Have you ever tried to replace a battery for your iPad or smartphone, only to end up with a terrible battery repair that wasted your time and money. With poor market...

How To Protect Your Phone Without A Case

If You Try This Tip, You Will Protect Your Phone and Save Up To N10,000 Are you tired of expensive out-of-warranty android and iPhone repairs that leave your pocket dry? Accidental damages due to handling (for example, dropping your phone) are not covered by your warranty. These type of repairs...
Understanding Headphone Jargon, Language, and Lingo

Understanding Headphone Jargon, Language, and Lingo

There are many different brands and styles of headphones available in the market which are very difficult to pair with.  Nowadays, there is a common trend in the market in which celebrities endorse wireless headphones. But just because they are clicking some pictures with them and saying a catchy tagline,...
broken phone screen repair fixtel lagos

Where To Get The Best iPhone Repair In Lagos

Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen From ₦3000 In Lagos You might have heard that quality cell phone repair in Lagos is expensive and difficult to get. The truth is, quality cell phone repair is very easy to get and sometimes all without leaving the comfort of your bed.
Gadgets for the Golden Years: Growing and Exciting Trends

Gadgets for the Golden Years: Growing and Exciting Trends

Two thirds of seniors over 65 are now online, but that number increases to 82% if you include baby boomers, who are just on the cusp of retirement. No longer is tech just a young person’s game. Businesses are increasingly seeking to design gadgets which are aimed at our oldest...
Using Projector Outdoor

5 Creative Ways to Use a Projector at Events

A projector is one of the most versatile and flexible devices out there. For years, the device has only been used to project movies and presentations. However, due to the introduction of various projectors that vary in shapes and sizes, people have found more use for them. Nowadays, you will...