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Buying SD Cards

How to Buy an SD Card, microSD and Memory Cards

An SD card can be quite useful if you are trying to increase the storage space of your digital devices. But not all SD cards are equal. They vary in speed classes, physical sizes as well as storage capacities. So when you are going to buy an SD card, you need to  be very careful about having a look at all these criteria. Where to Buy Memory Card Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Do you know, different digital devices use different kinds of SD cards? Here are some of the points...
How To Choose Perfect Studio Headphones For You

How to Choose Perfect Studio Headphones

Who doesn’t love to listen to great music? Well, everyone does and so do I. Thanks to the wide range of audio devices like headphones, earphones, boom-box, home theater setups etc. that is available for us to pick and start grooving to the beats. Thanks to technology! Where to Buy Headphones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Listening to music is one of our favorite private getaways from the hustle and bustle surrounding us, as long as we want. However, things get changed dramatically when you’re not at the receiving end but at the production end. So, if you’re...
USB-C - USB Type C

3 things you need to know about USB-C

The world is quickly changing with technology making debut in every corner of the globe. New ideas are being realized while others that long bothered industry being solved. The new world as it is now is a problem solver. We’ve learnt how to solve some of the most problematic scientific challenges of modern history and surpassed what science could not fathom a century ago. Technologies like computers, laptops, computer monitors, tablets have flooded the 21st Century and other smart home devices have continued to feature now more than ever before. Some of these technologies were created at a different times and...

The Technology Behind a Headlamp

Technological progress has a tendency to creep up on people and because of this, the technology phenomenon as a whole has what could be defined as a PR problem. The usual flow is broadly the following: a scientific theory is formulated, then experimentally proven while the scientific community probes and reviews the paper, the results, and the methodology involved. If all is well and rock solid, at this point the press and media will pick up the story and claim that a new technological breakthrough has been made and this one will change our lives forever. Then...complete silence for a few years...
Leather Phone Case

Should I Use a Case on My Phone?

Bought a new phone? Are you confused about whether I should use a case on my phone or not? Many smartphone users, like you, consider many times whether to use case on their phone or not. Among all electronic devices, the smartphone has grown tremendously popular worldwide even beyond devices like computers or laptops. The reason is obvious, smartphones has enough capability to handle tasks that a couple of years ago were exclusive reserves of the computer. It is like a mini computer that is easy to carry. So, answering the question should you use a case on your phone or not can’t be...
Buy Flash Drive

How to Buy a USB Flash Drive

Flash drives have become indispensable. They are convenient to use – you connect the drive to a USB port and you can immediately work with the information: open, edit, copy, move, or delete files. Where to Buy USB Flash Drive Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers With all this, USB flash drives have an impressive amount of memory in a very compact size. Sooner or later, everyone thinks about buying a USB drive. A question arises: what do you look for when choosing one? If you want to choose the perfect USB...
Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard Reviewed

As one of the leading market leader in ergonomics, Kinesis has a history of creating quality keyboards. Also, they are among the first companies to dare push the boundaries of design to create a truly radical ergonomic keyboard, and the Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard is the latest example of this. Does it actually translate into more comfortable and efficient typing? Let's find out. Quick Overview: Kinesis has been building and designing premium ergonomic keyboards for more than 20 years. The newly designed Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard features low-force cherry brown mechanical key-switches that reduces the amount of energy required to type. Complimenting the keys...
Gaming Monitor

How Does a Gaming Monitor Differ from Normal Monitor?

Computers are everywhere these days, you are probably very familiar with a normal computer monitor. This may make you wonder if there is anything like a Gaming Monitor and how they differ from the traditional computer monitor you know. Gaming Monitor – Overview A gaming monitor is a phrase used to describe a computer monitor that is specifically designed for gaming. Gaming monitors come in various sizes and include different features. The price of a gaming monitor ranges from $89.99 to maximum of $1177. For a gamer, buying a gaming monitor is worth the penny and adds real fun to the...
Headphone Buying Guide

Headphone Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones?

With a wide range of headphone styles from hundreds of brands, it can be overwhelming to select the right pair of headphones for you. We are tethered with our headphones at least some part of every day. This headphone buying guide will help you choose the perfect headphone. Where to Buy Headphones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Headphones are turned into an extension of ourselves. We watch videos on smartphone or tablet, listen to music while working out or we crave for an immense sound experience that pumps our adrenaline while gaming. Most people debate on the...
Laptop case, features of female models

Laptop Bags and Cases (Features for Female Models)

In our time, a lot of women are constantly using laptops. Its main advantage over the desktop computer is its portability, and for many ladies, especially working remotely, it is very important, because it allows you to work anywhere that you like - a cafe, a park, an office. Nevertheless, women always remain women, and an important case for them is the laptop case and bag they use, be carefully designed for their needs and according to the taste of each woman. Features of Choice for Female Laptop Bags and Cases Of course, most of the women are oriented, first of all,...