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Debt Consolidation Loan

What Should you do Before you Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Are you thinking about consolidating your bills? If so, what should you do before you apply for a debt consolidation loan? It's important you know before committing to this type of loan. A debt consolidation loan is similar to a personal loan in that you can use it to pay...
How Do Cashbacks and Discounts Attract Customers

Top 5 Deals and Discount Coupon Websites in Nigeria to Help you Save More

With the economic recession in Nigeria, the last thing anybody wants to do is being imprudent. It is becoming increasingly necessary to save as much as you can when shopping both online and offline. And because of the ongoing digital revolution and the sharp increase in online shopping, knowing the top...
7 Brands to Invest

7 Brands to Invest in During 2021 and Why

Investing in brands is often a long-term strategy that relies on fundamental analysis (i.e., the health of the company, its direction and other socioeconomic factors). We can analyse balance sheets, company ambitions and how external legislation will affect how a brand will fair over the next 12 months or longer. A...
Mobile Trading

All You Need To Know About Mobile Trading in Nigeria: Pros and Cons

Trading in the financial markets has become extremely popular nowadays, especially when many people are now looking for additional sources of income. In today's high-tech society, all trading transactions are carried out online, which means that you can trade from anywhere in the world. All you need is a speedy...
Taking Your Smartphone To A Phone Engineer

Read This Before Taking Your Smartphone To A Phone Engineer

Ah, Won ti gba mi (ah, i have been defrauded) This is a common song most Lagosian sing when they try to get their phone fixed in Lagos. But as a phone engineer, what can I do. My name is Oluwatosin Oginni. And this is my story. I have been a Smartphone...

Are You a Smartphone User? Then You Need to Read This Message

My attention was drawn to the story of a lady that got arrested in Ibadan after she got her phone fixed by a phone engineer  What happened? The police told her that she had used her sim card for fraudulent activities. After some investigation, she discovered that the time the activity...
How to Use AngularJS for Web Development

How to Use AngularJS for Web Development in 2021

In this digital era and race of competition, having an online presence has become important for every business. To sustain, survive and stay ahead of the competition, businesses must walk along with the latest technologies and integrate them. This helps them to increase their user base across the globe....
Best Data Migration Tools

10 Best Data Migration Tools for Complete Data Integrity

Most companies prefer to move their data on better platforms to ease up their day to day business operations. Some of the common reasons for transferring data from one platform to another can be cost issues, better features, and quick services. Data Migration Overview Data migration occurs when organizations move data...
Chabot vs Live Chat

Chabot vs Live Chat: Which One is Best for the Customer Experience?

Every industry understands that the consumer is sovereign. If you wouldn't give your customer an exciting experience, they may start turning to your rival then. Besides, even an unhappy customer can make a substantial difference in your brand reputation, credibility, and, eventually, your sales in the internet era. This...
Investment Decisions

5 Investing Decisions You Should Be Taking In Your Thirties 

Introduction: Start planning your financial investment from your 30’s. You need to make your investment plans for your old age to meet your financial requirements effectively. It must be accurate enough to meet your needs.  Your financial planning must not hamper the growth of your current financial motive. You must make...