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Experts Views on How Digital Learning will aid Education and Employment System

Technology has change the way we acquire education degrees. According to our research and online interviews, experts believe that many employers pay more attention to skills without college degrees than those with college degrees but this is most likely applicable to those in the technology field. Here are what experts...
start learning Computer Programming

How to Start Learning Computer Programming

Many of us are keen on learning computer programming languages for our own reasons. If you think learning this language is an uphill task, then you may be wrong. With different tutorials, courses, and books available online, learning a computer language is no more a big deal. The only thing...
Best Online Platforms for Learning Animation

Best Online Platforms for Learning Animation

Animation is an important aspect of not only entertainment stories, film and movie industry, but also in businesses. For many reasons, the demand for visual animation experts (animators) is on the rise. DreamGrow opines that animated video is the best strategy for your social media because it is fun,...
Learning Skills - 9 Ways to Succeed in your Studies

Learning Skills – 9 Ways to Succeed in your Studies

The upgraded technology has become a boon for students in keeping up with their studies. We have advanced so much in science and technology that for every problem of ours the internet has the solution. There is no defined mantra to become a successful student but one can always...

5 Resources to improve the English Language

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It has now become the preferred language for both personal communication and business purposes. But for many people, learning this language is a challenge. English seems to be a very difficult language to master with all its irregularities,...
advancement in E-School learning options

Digitization of Education with advancement in E-School Learning options

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming With the fast-paced world of technological influences, the educational system has become one of the motivating factors in social and economic development that define the long-term future of society. With the advent of the information...
Top 5 Programming Languages 2018

Top 6 Programming Languages in 2018 (and where to Learn them)

If you are a newcomer to the field of programming, one of the first (hardest) decision you most likely will have to make is picking the language you want to start with. Although you can learn multiple languages simultaneously, it is not advised, particularly for beginners. It is, however, very...
Learn web development online

Best Online Platforms to Learn Web Development

As Techopedia defines it, “Web development refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet.” Basically, web development is the art of creating websites. I am pretty sure you might have been, one time or another, curious as to how some of the favourite websites...
Learn Android development

5 Online Platforms to Learn Android Development

Are you inspired by tech or curious as to how some things are built or work? You see building stuff and solving problems as fun? Do you have that particular application on your Android smartphone you wish you could build? Or does your best friend or colleague build super...
Online photography courses

Best 5 Online Platforms to Learn Photography (Online Tutorials)

So you have a new (or old) camera lying around somewhere in your home, or you have one stick somewhere (you can't even remember) in some corner of your bedroom? Or perhaps you got one from your uncle as a birthday or graduation gift...but you don't know how to use...

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