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Top 5 Programming Languages 2018

Top 6 Programming Languages in 2018 (and where to Learn them)

If you are a newcomer to the field of programming, one of the first (hardest) decision you most likely will have to make is picking the language you want to start with. Although you can learn multiple languages simultaneously, it is not advised, particularly for beginners. It is, however, very...
Learn web development online

Best Online Platforms to Learn Web Development

As Techopedia defines it, “Web development refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet.” Basically, web development is the art of creating websites. I am pretty sure you might have been, one time or another, curious as to how some of the favourite websites...
Learn Android development

5 Online Platforms to Learn Android Development

Are you inspired by tech or curious as to how some things are built or work? You see building stuff and solving problems as fun? Do you have that particular application on your Android smartphone you wish you could build? Or does your best friend or colleague build super...
Online photography courses

Best 5 Platforms to Learn Photography (Online Courses)

So you have a new (or old) camera lying around somewhere in your home, or you have one stick somewhere (you can't even remember) in some corner of your bedroom? Or perhaps you got one from your uncle as a birthday or graduation gift...but you don't know how to use...
Digital marketing courses

5 Best Online Platforms to Learn Digital Marketing at your own Pace

You know, I can bet good money that at one point or the other, there must have been a time when you have heard the phrase “Digital Marketing” and wondered what it is, or wondered where you can learn and become a “Digital Marketer”. Well, becoming a digital marketer these...
Apps for Students

Most Helpful Apps for Students

Students juggle a lot. Whether it is trying to stay organized with their increasingly difficult class load, getting help with subjects they are struggling with, or meeting personal goals like weight loss, they have many things on their mind. Fortunately, these mobile apps can help you succeed in school. 1....
Online Education

7 Tech Challenges of Online Education we Need to Solve

The shift is already happening. With the flexibility and freedom to learn at a pace that suits the individuals, the e-Learning industry is attracting more and more students. At a place where online education has flourished the concept of personalized learning and instant access to the content, learners are...

Mobile Class Academy brings succour to Nigerian Secondary School Students

Mobile Class Academy (MCA), Nigeria’s leading Video e-Learning platform for students in Senior Secondary School (Sciences, Commercial and Art classes) is thrilled to announce a revolutionary  service to Senior Secondary School Students in Nigeria. The service is aimed at bringing qualitative education to the door step of every Secondary...

Tech Skills Every New College Grad Needs in the Job Market

There's no way around it—the working world today is harsh. Recent college grads are going into one of the toughest job economies in recent history. With mounting college debt, too few open positions, and a general inability to sell their most marketable skills, many new graduates are feeling the...
Online University Degree and Masters Programs, Distance Learning from Bachelors to PHD

Online University Degrees and Masters Programs, Distance Learning from Bachelors to PHD

An Online University provides a flexible learning environment on the internet. Students of Online Universities and Online Colleges access lectures and tutorials online. You can now easily get online degrees in most countries. An Online learning environment is flexible, you study whenever you are ready as long as you can...